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500 FAIL

The morons are at it again.

This time, Marcelino Teodoro (LAKAS, Marikina City) and Florencio Miraflores (KAMPI, Aklan) are the ones taking up the cudgels for the 500-peso Katas ng VAT dole-out, and making utter fools of themselves in the eyes of everyone but themselves and their sycophants.

One would have hoped that an elected official would at least have the gumption to realize that, as Lincoln said, it is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and confirm the rumor.

“Stop nitpicking!” they whine in response to arguments that the dole-outs have no legal basis and should be returned to the national coffers. They – Teodoro and Miraflores – then poke fun at the suggestion by pointing to the absurdity of going to every recipient and asking for the money back.

Well, at least they got that right. It is ridiculous to even imagine doing it that way. But Teodoro and Miraflores both gloss over the fact that the Supreme Court has already ruled many times that if the disbursement of public funds is illegal in any way, the persons responsible for the illegal disbursement have to pay the money back from out of their own pockets. In other words, whoever authorized this retarded dole-out program should be made to cough up the money that’s already been spent.

But if it were up to me, it wouldn’t be just that one person who should be held accountable. People like Teodoro and Miraflores should be made to pay up too – for being morons.

And as if we needed any more proof of their insufficient intellectual capacities:

They said long lines of people seeking to claim their P500 one-time power subsidy at selected branches of the Land Bank of the Philippines can be taken as popular endorsement for the dole system.

Of course it’s going to be popular, you morons. It’s free money! But once again, our national leaders are exposed for the populist cretins that they really are: “popular” for them, apparently equates with “right.” Well it doesn’t, man.

The sad part is that it is usually populist idiots that get elected. People who advocate tough measures are rewarded with a loss at the elections. Remember Ralph Recto and the smack-down he received because he was one of the more visible driving forces behind the VAT? It is ironic that these people who are forming the snaky queues with their palms out and up for a bit of VAT-money are the same ones who voted out the guy who made the dole-out possible.

Maybe ol’ Ralphie can use this dole-out in his campaign in 2010. “Remember that 500 peso subsidy, bitchez? I made that possible!” LOL


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  1. pupil says:

    So if I am rich and have multiple houses, then I get P500 for each of my unused vacation houses that consumed 100 kwh or less in the specified billing month?

    Or if I am rich and traveling or living outside the Philippines, then I get P500 for my house that consumed the ‘lifeline’ amount of 100 kwh or less in the specified billing month?

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