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Like melt water

You gotta admit it. Meralco’s Judy Ann ad comparing systems loss to melting ice was a stroke of genius – for First Philippine Holdings Corp., NOT Judy Ann. But now, some idiots are threatening her as though it were her idea.

Come ON, you morons. She’s a paid endorser, first of all; and so what if she actually believes what she said?  And even if she didn’t, so the fuck what?

Gabriela Rep.Luzviminda Ilagan said that Judy Ann should have not let herself be used by the alleged abusive Lopez-owned electric company.

“She allowed herself to be the tool of Meralco. She should have known better,” said the lady solon.

Ilagan is a moron.

In fact, Rep. Abante already ordered the legal officers of the House Committee in Public information to investigate on the possible consequences of Judy Ann’s infomercial.

“I join these cause-oriented groups in denouncing Judy Ann Santos, who I don’t think understands the situation with Meralco. This is what money can do,” said Rep. Abante.

And so is Abante.

The common thread running through the ear-holes and empty-braincases (that’s just in case you dint get the illustration! LOL!!!!) of these two morons is the presumption that Meralco is wrong; or conversely, that the GSIS attack on Meralco is somehow right. Hell, bitchez, no one can say for certain yet! SO why demonize Judy Ann and throw all these accusations at her?

The answer to that is pretty simple: these mercenary morons prolly have marching orders from somewhere to try to contain the damage that Judy Ann is doing to their cause. See it that way and you realize just how shrewd the ad – with Judy Ann in it – is when it comes to winning over the public. I mean, Judy Ann’s magic is tried and tested. After all, didn’t she send a loser to the Senate and didn’t she manage to win a horde of rabid passionate fans even with that idiotic movie of hers?

And naturally, the biggest moron of all is the rebel-in-search-of-a-cause Dante Jimenez who is now calling for a boycott of the actress.

Now, me – I don’t have any love for morons. But if there’s anything I hate more than morons, its rats.

Alarmed by the negative reaction generated by the infomercial, Judy Ann’s manager Alfie Lorenzo had an interview with dzBB’s Mike Enriquez yesterday, June 3.

“Hindi ko alam iyan. Hindi ako kinausap. Kasi paalis na sila Juday noon nung nag-text na lang yung secretary niyang si Jane. Sabi niya, may humabol pong komersyal. Pabaon daw sa Europe,” revealed Alfie to Mike.

Time to get a new manager, Judy darling. Maybe you can get lorie – at least you know she’ll never drop you like a hot kamote when sailing gets rough.


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4 Responses

  1. cvj says:

    [I posted a version of this comment in Lester’s blog entry over at Filipino Voices.]

    Recently, Tounge had that classifies Systems losses into the following:

    1. Technical Losses
    2. Pilferage
    3. Administrative and Consumption Losses

    In so far as the melted ice analogy applies to the Technical Losses component (as explained by Tongue in the link), Judy Ann’s message is based on science, in particular, the Second Law of Thermodynamics tells us that there will always be a portion of energy that is generated that is inaccessible for use.

  2. cvj says:

    Sorry, the above should read ‘Recently, Tounge had a blog entry that….

  3. Martin says:

    Judy Ann is an airhead, a dits or a dimwit. Take your pick. The fact is she might have violated the law, specifically the Consumer Act. Article 110 states that “it shall be unlawful for any person to disseminate or to cause the dissemination of any false, deceptive or misleading advertisement by Philippine mail or in commence by print, radio, television, outdoor advertisement or other medium for the purpose of inducing or which is likely to induce directly or indirectly the purchase of consumer products or services.”

    I’m no fan of Judy or any Pinoy or Pinay actors and actresses and I never watch any Filipino movies. Judy should stick to endorsing products and acting. For someone who pimps for Meralco, she lacks the brain power for it.

    One thing I can say about that ad is if you try to sell me a bag of ice with 20 to 30 percent of it already melted, I would tell you to shove it up your a$s. You, as a consumer, has a choice to refuse the product. Not in the case of electricity being shoved in our collective as$es by Meralco and the Low-pezes. The melting of ice is an act of nature while theft or pilferage is a voluntary, intentional and criminal act.

    To Judy, tangna! You got your 30 pieces of silver. Now, suffer!

  4. cvj says:

    Judy Ann’s message is consistent with the laws of physics so Consumer Act Article 110 does not apply.

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