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On Bandila less than half-an-hour ago, the reporter was telling the story of the guy who took a bus load of people hostage. For five hours, the guy and the negotiator talked and talked and talked. The result was that towards the end of the day, only three hostages remained on the bus.

And then the reporter goes: ” … and since it was almost night, the police decided to shoot the hostage taker.”


Never mind the fact that only three – out of the initial thirty – hostages remained; never mind that the hostage taker was very clearly disturbed; never mind that all the situation seemed to call for was a little more patience. Never mind all of that because the sun was about to FUCKING go down.


Ironically, this whole drama about police disregard for human life played out onboard a Genesis bus. Instead of protecting life, the cops just cavalierly took one from a person they probably thought didn’t deserve to have it.
Or maybe they just remembered they weren’t being paid overtime.


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2 Responses

  1. Jeg says:

    Mother of pearl!! Did the reporter manage to get an interview? Did the cops actually say that? “It was getting dark so I said, screw this, and shot him.” Im not the biggest fan of our cops but that seems like it’s a case of bad reporting.

  2. rom says:

    Jeg: meh. I’m not overly fond of abs-cbn’s tabloid reporting, but I would suppose that that’s the first thing any reporter would ask: WHY? Given that, and considering how cops nowadays seem more eager to shoot than take into custody, i’m gonna have to say the reporter probably got it right.

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