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Bad Feng Shui

What is it about the Comelec that people are dropping like flies over there? Three deaths in less than a year – starting with that Law Department director, followed by his replacement his replacement, and now a Commissioner. Of course, the first two died violent deaths and some have said that questionable acts were involved. This makes those deaths way different from the Commissioner’s who, by all accounts, was a pretty decent guy.

Still – and no disrespect intended and all that – dead is dead. And then of course there was that big-ass fire.  Luckily no one got burned, but i read somewhere that cars got totaled and some people lost a lot of personal stuff. And I’m wondering why.

My guess: bad feng shui.

Consider this. The Comelec’s main office is located a stone’s throw from the Pasig River and a slightly longer stone’s throw away from Manila Bay. In feng shui, a building sited near to and with a view of water will thrive, as a rule. So, basically, a building should face the water. As far as I can tell from Google Earth, the Comelec building is facing away from the bay and – albeit at a slight oblique – the river.

And besides, it isn’t just proximity to water that matters. The quality of water is also important. It should be alive – clean and active, a sign of vital, pure ch’i – not dead. Stagnant and murky water indicates tainted ch’i and money. Sound familiar?

And then there’s the Cathedral. In feng shui, buildings that face institutions are in a dodgy place, but of course a church would be the least of all evils – especially a church that is often used for weddings. But even if the church isn’t much used for services for the dead, the church’s history matters much. From the wikipedia, we learn that this Church has had a deadly history.

The first cathedral, made of nipa and bamboos, was built in 1571 by Fray Juan de Vivero and on December 21, 1521, it became a cathedral. It was damaged by a typhoon in 1582 and razed by fire in 1583.

The new cathedral, which was made of stone, was made in 1592. It was destroyed by an earthquake in 1600.

The third cathedral, with three naves and seven chapels, was started in 1584 and blessed in 1614. It was toppled by another earthquake which shook Manila in 1645.

The magnificent fourth cathedral was constructed in 1654 to 1671 under Archbishop Miguel Poblete. It was severely damaged in 1863 by a very strong earthquake that even toppled the Palace of the Governor General of the Philippines. In 1880, another earthquake toppled its bell tower and since then until in 1959, the cathedral remained towerless.

The fifth cathedral was constructed in 1870–1879. It was solemnly blessed in December of 1879. The center cross of the dome is a reference point of astronomical longitudes of the archipelago. The magnificent cathedral was toppled into ruins by bombing in 1945.

It isn’t far-fetched then, to expect that nearby residents – like the Comelec people – may still absorb too much yin ch’i – the ch’i of the dead – and sudden, unforeseen disasters may befall them. A possible cure would have been to plant trees between the church and the building. But just before the fire in 2007, the trees that lined the front of the Comelec building were inexplicably chopped down.

Seriously. I think those people had better start investing in some good feng shui advice before anymore of them end up shuffling off this mortal coil.


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  1. Lynda says:

    Wow, what a fantastic thought. I mean, it only makes sense that the more crowded and jumbled our cities get, the more likely it is that the Feng Shui causes the escalating troubles in the world. It just makes sense.

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