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Last resort

The Star says that the cops killed the suspect in the 2nd Laguna massacre. The report was annoyingly unclear about how the whole killing went down – saying only that the police claimed that the suspect resisted arrest – but I suppose what really matters is that the suspect will now be considered guilty forever. Which is ridiculous. I only hope that the cops really did have no other choice than to kill the guy. If he was innocent, then he shouldn’t have been killed. If he was guilty, then he should have been made to face up to his crime and accept the punishment for it. As it is, he got the easy way out; and the cops, well, the cops don’t have to bother with actually doing investigative work anymore, do they?

In another part of our benighted metro, cops killed another guy – this time a man who they allegedly caught red-handed trying to steal a car. The cops recount that the guy had smashed the car’s window with a rock. When they got to him, the guy – not more than a kid really – whipped out a .38 and proceeded to shoot it out with the cops. He died.

I don’t know. This seeming willingness to shoot suspects dead is less comforting for me than you would think. I can’t help but wonder whether in both instances, the cops really had no choice but to kill. And going further, it makes me wonder what’ll happen if I ever have the misfortune to spook some cops, will I pumped full of lead too?

I took a cab the other day, and a motorcycle cut us off. The cab I was in pulled back and, when the way was clear, overtook the motorbike. Next thing I knew, this guy on the motorbike was pulling up level with the cab and angrily signaling the driver to pull-over. He did. And before we had even come to a complete stop, the guy on the bike pulled the door open, hauled the driver out of the car and started ramming his gun into the guy’s face. He was a cop, he said, and didn’t the driver know better than to cross him? The driver protested softly that he didn’t even know that the guy was a cop, which only seemed to anger the cop even more. He just kept poking the driver with the gun, repeating over and over that it would only take one bullet to end the driver’s miserable life.

I took the motherfucker’s picture with my phone. I was going to send it in, but now, I don’t know. I’m normally a law-abiding citizen, but with cops like the ones we have, it’s a risky business distinguishing between the good guys and the bad guys.

My own cop-o-phobia aside, I think cops shouldn’t be on a hair trigger; that for cops, firing the weapon should be a last resort; and shooting to kill should be the last resort of that last resort.


The sad part is, cops aren’t just scarily trigger-happy, some are scarily ignorant. In Manila, cops claim that they couldn’t file charges against a man for beating his step-son even though there were sufficient indications. The one-year old boy died. I mean, wtf is that? Isn’t child abuse a public crime such that anyone can file charges?

And even assuming that the cops really couldn’t legally intervene, how about plain and simple prudence. The least these motherfuckers could have done was refer the case to the DSWD or something. But it’s too late now, isn’t it?


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  1. Anthony says:

    Your cop-and-cabdriver story is depressing. If people can’t hold a lowly goon cop to account for his actions, what hope is there when trying to chase the bigger fish? I’m not making any judgement about your decision; you must do what’s necessary for your own safety. The incident just highlights the kind of struggles in store for those looking for any kind of reform in the Philippines.

    I have an idea. Let me think about it for a while and I’ll get back to you. Keep your photo.

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