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Party in interest

Jamby’s altruistic bullshit doesn’t wash.

In the latest episode of her sordid campaign to overturn her dead aunt’s will and thereby remedy her disinheritance, Jamby spares no effort to make it appear that she is fighting for the poor who will be deprived of their dole-outs because the will leaves nothing to the Consuelo Madrigal Foundation. In the process, she also attempts to evoke class-antagonisms by framing her actions as an effort to hold rich people to account for offenses against the poor.

All she leaves unsaid, really, is how by filing a suit, she implicitly admits she is a party-in-interest: a person who stands to gain or be injured by the outcome of the suit.  And I can hardly imagine anyone who would believe that her interest in this case is purely on behalf of the poor, or even that her sole intent is to champion her dead aunt’s wishes.

It’s a charity, bitch. The beneficiaries have no legal claim to that money; and it’s your aunt’s money, not yours, so you’ve no business trying to meddle with how your aunt said it should be spent; AND even if your aunt set-up that charity, there could have been nothing that would have prevented her from deciding it was time to discontinue it.

Suck it up and be on your way, you skank.


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