I write better when I smoke. Don’t ask me to reduce it to a science.

This is …

stupid: Is it life imitating art? Or at least, Hollywood. A Filipino family leaves toddler behind at an airport in Vancouver. Of course, the baby was taken care of by airline officials, and one is tempted to say that all’s well that ends well. Well, it’s not all well. It’s stupid, it’s embarrassing, and it’s fucking criminal. The parents and grandparents should all be charged with negligence or something.

cute: Hello, little miss sunshine. Triumph has recently announced its solar-charging bra. The photo-voltaic cells integrated into the underwear will store enough power to run a mobile phone for a few minutes. Maybe just enough time to explain why you have to hang up right away, but not enough time to explain where you are that you can unbutton your blouse and plug in to your breasts.

pathetic: We need a re-write over here! Justice Secretary Gonzales calls the surfacing of a new witness in the NBN-ZTE affair part of a large script? Ya think? Of course it’s part of a bigger script: the script to oust the President before 2010. And so what if it is? Seriously. If anybody ever needed a new script, it’s Gonzales. He should prolly get Ploning‘s scriptwriter too. That way, he’ll speak little and then only in zen.

… eh, that thing that hits fans: a noted blogger writes, among other things, about how much money can be made from shit. Literally.

not about expectant mothers: Preginet is actually a broadband research and education network – a field that, apparently, is pregnant with opportunity.


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    Maceda sez Erap consulted Narvasa and others, and they told him that the 1987 Consti prohibits only the INCUMBENT prez from re-election. Former prezzies, by their definition, face no such prohibition. But in the same breath, Maceda also sez that they know an Erap candidacy will be the subject of a disqual case – but […]
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    I still think the Pangandaman’s shouldn’t have retaliated even if dela Paz threw the first punch. But is anyone really surprised at the escalation in the story-telling on both sides? BTW, I think we can dispense with the age angle nao.
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    Unless you’re spoiling for a fight, assume that the writer has some basis for what she writes. Don’t make like a lawyer and ask retarded questions in an attempt to lay the foundation for whatever point you’re trying to make.
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    Anne Curtis won best actress? Against the likes of Marian Rivera and Diana Zubiri? So what?
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