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Hong Kong

How are people who live in Hong Kong called? I’ve heard some people say “Kongers.” I’m thinking “Hong Kongites.” Or, as one friend of mine described herself – “Hong Kong people.” Well, whatever. I’m getting some great pictures. I hope to be able to photoshop a series I took into a panoramic scene. I’m an ok photographer with a real basic camera, but, it’s a great day and i’m feeling mighty optimistic. When I get to where I’m going, I’ll post some of the pictures and we’ll see if I have reason to be optimistic, eh?

Anyway, did you hear the one about this girl who was buying a digital camera? Well, she asked the salesperson: “What are the features of this camera?” Without batting an eyelash, the salesperson answers: “Oh, they can be 3R or 4R if you want. Matte or glossy.” Haha. Uhrm. Maybe it loses something in the telling. Moving on ….


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  1. shiro says:

    aha! so that’s where you went. have fun luv. 🙂

  2. BrianB says:

    I can only tolerate clearwater bay. They have buildings there, we have buildings here. They have disneyworld, we have that thing on roxas boulevard. What we don’t have are mixed race girls so cute you flatter yourself thinking you are talking to fashion models. Oh yeah, we have that too, but then we know they are not fashion models.

  3. cvj says:

    My colleague also refers to himself as ‘Hong Kong people’ so that’s probably the proper term.

    One thing Hong Kong has that we don’t have is four seasons which still comes as a surprise considering how near it is to the Philippines. That was brought home to me when i stepped out of the plane in walking shorts in the middle of January weather. (Back in the old Kai Tak airport, not all flights disembarked via the tube.)

  4. shiro says:

    cvJ; January, walking shorts! that’s so cool. reminds of spring in Ottawa, where i grew up. 🙂

  5. niki says:

    mmmm, HK. i liked it there =)

  6. rom says:


  7. niki says:

    rom! (pasalubong? haha!)

  8. rom says:

    niki! babe! did you just grow an internet connection in your apartment?! Haven’t heard from you in quite a while and now suddenly, I’m sorta kinda having a conversation with you! I mean, wow. 😀

  9. niki says:

    noooes, i wish i grew a ‘net connection =( i’m sneak-surfing from the office haha! and ya know you’re one of my faves you can look it up my links haha =)

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