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When Manila Standard Today first came out with the story that Jamby Madrigal got bupkis from her wealthy aunt, I was struck with the by the stupidity of Jamby actually hiring a lawyer to question the validity of the will and how the dead aunt’s estate was partitioned.

That seemed like an irrational act that was sure to generate a lot of public attention. The least she could have done was act through an intermediary, simply to avoid having the potentially embarrassing situation land in the papers. Oh well, I suppose what is embarrassing to some people (or families) may not be embarrassing to others. In fact, the latest news is that Jamby is even planning to hold a presscon on the matter. WTF?!

Apparently, Jamby suspects something fishy.

According to sources close to the Madrigals, the senator’s inquiry not only raised doubts on the valuation of the Doña Chito’s estate, a modest P26 million, but also the unexplained disappearance of the estimated $400 million to $800 million private banking account that her aunt had supposedly maintained at Citibank New York.

(Chito Madrigal’s executor), who declined repeated requests for an interview, would only volunteer that Doña Chito, a corporate lawyer herself, had already conducted “judicious estate planning” even before her health declined in 2006, when the Makati Regional Trial Court probated her last will and testament.

Has this woman no sense of shame? Even assuming the worst – and what a sane woman does with her billions is her business – this sort of scandalous laundry should not be aired in public. It’s a bloody family matter.

But, even as she cloaks her quest for answers (and presumably a share of the fortune) in the dress of filial concern, Jamby’s other possible motivations are obvious enough.

Still, despite Jamby’s grumbling, Doña Chito advanced her niece’s share of the Madrigal fortune. Senator Madrigal sent word that the P100-million figure quoted in an earlier story was “too small” when Doña Chito underwrote Jamby’s senatorial campaign in 2004.

In addition to tracing her aunt’s overseas bank account, Senator Madrigal, according to the Madrigal chatter, was also specifically interested in the rarely used Agusta Westland Power helicopter that Doña Chito left behind.

The eight-seater executive helicopter was left in the name of a family corporation, along with Doña Chito’s house in North Forbes, as well as various other commercial properties and houses not detailed in the will.

Well, hell – doesn’t that make sense? If I had plans to campaign nationwide for another go at the Senate in 2010, wouldn’t more free money and a heli come in handy? Especially one that has cup holders and a booze cabinet!

Leaving all that aside, what bugs me most about this sordid tale is how Jamby seems all too willing to drag even her family into the mud for her own benefit. It is pretty clear to me that she finds nothing at all despicable in using her status as a Senator to force her way into this will; perhaps even to shame the other beneficiaries into giving her what she wants. Of all the moronic stunts she has pulled of late, this has to be the most repugnant.

The Madrigal matriarch sure knew what she was doing when she left her lantern-jawed niece out of the loot.


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6 Responses

  1. Jinggoy says:

    for further readings about the latest jamby news and goof ups, check out

  2. tsd says:

    ja-ja-ja-jamby is at it again!

    Dona Chito (may her smart soul rest in peace) has every damn right to do whatever she wants with her money. she worked for it! hell, the old lady was smart enough to start probate while she was still alive!!

    and what about jamby’s comment that it this is a private affair that could easily be turned public (or something like that). why? why make it public? if all these media “leaks” are not coming from her, then maybe she should just say “sorry, folks. none of your effing business” then give her signature cockey smile. but nooooo…. let’s hold a press conference! DISGUSTING!!!

    yup. it’s all about the plane and money for sadly another ja-ja-ja-jamby jingle. eeewwwww!!!!!!!!!!!

    btw, whatever happened to her french hubby?

    i can hear the gears in your head turning, rom.

  3. rom says:

    tsd: right you are, luv LOL.

  4. becky says:

    jamby is furious because she didnt get anything from her aunt. The reason…. people are not aware that Dona Chito Madrigal have adopted a guy which right now is in his 30s or his 40s. So maybe she thinks this people created a different testament.

  5. becky says:

    jamby is a lesbian everyone in her staff knows that.

  6. […] latest episode of her sordid campaign to overturn her dead aunt’s will and thereby remedy her disinheritance, Jamby spares no effort to make it appear that she is fighting for the poor who will be deprived of […]

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