I write better when I smoke. Don’t ask me to reduce it to a science.

I forget

New studies suggest that heavy smoking leads to earlier onset of Alzheimer’s.

Huh? What was i saying?


There are four early signs of aging. The first is memory loss. The second, third, and fourth signs I can’t remember.


Danica Patrick won the Indy 300 in Japan. It was the first win by a woman, and the first in Patrick’s career. Yay!


There’s an interesting conversation going on at Filipino Voices about protests and such. Some bloggers believe that it’s important to continually stage micro-protests like defacing GMA’s face on a 200-peso bill, or getting into arguments with ‘pro-GMA’ people, or honking horns … things like that. I disagreed. I think it’s a far better thing to focus on positive ways to better our lives and the lives of those around us, instead of fueling and stoking the anger that already consumes many of our countrymen, and blinds them to the good they can do, DESPITE the evil-ness of the GMA government. It makes me sad that there are people so obsessed with the “grand fight for truth, justice, and the way-things-ought-to-be” that they end up unwilling to do much of anything other than protest.

Everyday, I hear people bemoan the obvious: the rape of the rule of law, the lack of honesty in government, corruption. In the next breath, they talk about grand plans to change the world. Two minutes later, they’re driving around not wearing seat belts (against the law), texting their buds while driving (against the law), running a red light (traffic lights seem to be optional here, so … LOL, alright still against the law), and slipping the cop a fifty to get out of a citation (against the law).

Every time I walk down my street, I pass people loitering about the street corner slamming government to pieces. Whenever I stick around to hear what they say next, I hear what I expect: what they would do if they were in charge. They would subsidize gas, they would subsidize rice, they would send the Chinese ambassador to jail for refusing to appear before the Senate, they would elect Jun Lozada to the Senate and make Ed Panlilio President of the Philippines.

(The last one may not seem so absurd, until you realize that these people don’t even know Ed Panlilio. Nothing against the priest, but shouldn’t a president be chosen on something more substantial than someone’s media-crafted image?)

And after spending hours talking and talking at the street corner they go home jobless and blaming the government for it when in truth, 4 out 5 stay bums because they didn’t go out to look for a job, or because they found an employment opportunity but passed it up because it was “beneath them” or because “it wasn’t what they studied in school.” Or maybe because they were just too effing lazy.


Entirely unrelated news: La Salle Greenhills is going co-ed! Yup. Starting next trim, they will be accepting MALE students. 😉


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  1. cvj says:

    Back in my high school days, the punch line was ‘it already is’.

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