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Brian won’t do Korina

I am too fragile at the moment to be subjected to more lies and deception.

Apparently not too fragile though, to continue lashing out at people. Brian Gorrell wrote that as part of his explanation for refusing to be interviewed by Korina Sanchez on phone patch, alongside DJ Montano (who would be appearing in the studio).

Unfortunate that. After months of vitriol and acid in his blog, and lately all the gossipy sniping on radio and video posts, one would think that Brian would welcome the opportunity to tear into DJ with a live audience, even if only over the phone. But apparently, Brian wants KorIna to fly him to Manila. Niiiice.

Too many people have warned me about her show.
The format is not something I am comfortable with.
I am at a HUGE disadvantage.
You should have flown me there Korina.

Oh well, that’s too bad. Maybe it has something to do with this

I know you hate blogs.
And you are NOT a fan of mine.
You have been against me from the beginning.
But that’s ok.

From this, Brian deduced that Korina (in collusion with DJ, he implies) was setting a trap for him. Kinda like Jun Lozada, eh? If you’re not with me, you must be against me. And what trap? I mean, what is the worst Korina can actually do? He can’t possibly be afraid of being caught in a lie – he isn’t lying, is he? And I doubt he can be out-talked by anyone. So what can he be worried about?

Maybe he’s worried that Korina might manage to get him to reveal more of himself – the ‘himself’ that’s behind the victim’s mask he never takes off. Musashi called it the face of iron hidden behind the face of clay. I for one want to know what the real Brian Gorrell is like.  After all, it is very easy to be misled by a broken heart – whether it’s your own or someone else’s. P.M. Dawn (anyone remember them at all?) rapped “so deceiving is the clouded heart, so superficial is the open wound.” So, what is Brian like behind the broken heart and the bleeding victim?

In fact, was he as much as a victim as he wants us to believe? So far, all he’s said is that DJ got money from him, and that he willingly gave it. That’s all those Western Union receipts actually prove. The theft from his hotel room, well that’s a different story – and one that may be difficult to prove. But as far as the other money goes, Brian himself is honest enough to admit that he gave DJ the money of his own free will. Any arm-twisting was purely metaphorical.

So I figure the worst Korina can actually do is tarnish Brian’s image as a victim. Which, in the interest of objective discourse, isn’t heinous or unfair at all. But I suppose when your image as a victim is also the cornerstone of your public support, any appearance to the contrary would be damaging. So maybe that’s the real reason why Brian doesn’t want to do Korina.


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28 Responses

  1. cvj says:

    In this respect, Jun Lozada is better than BrianG.

  2. pink9255 says:

    i concur!

  3. rom says:

    pink9255: hello pink. welcome to the smoking room! i agree with cvj too. Jun Lozada at least has been willing to face the people he’s been accusing. that’s says alot about a person.

  4. Jeg says:

    I havent been religiously following the drama but ABS-CBN news is notorious for not giving ‘full disclosure’ statements whenever the news their covering has, say, Meralco or Maynilad as a subject. I would understand Gorrell’s apprehension about going to a Lopez-owned outfit. Let’s see if he accepts an interview with a more ‘serious’ news and public affairs program instead of a tabloid-y one like Korina’s.

    (Pero Catch-22. A serious news program wouldnt touch the story.)

  5. Jeg says:

    I meant ‘the news theyre covering…’

  6. rom says:

    jeg: I don’t know, uncle. Sure Korina’s program is tabloid-y, but then again, so is BrianG’s story and methods. And like I said, even assuming that Korina is out to ‘defend’ the Lopezes, what’s the worst that she can do? Defend Celine? Point out that what Brian G is doing is slanderous and maybe criminal? Not let Brian G ramble on as much as he likes?

    My point is simply that if he prefers to snipe from a position of immunity, that’s his business. It just disenchanting, ya’know?

  7. Jeg says:

    Yes it is his business and it’s disenchanting that he refuses to go on a TV show to sabong on air with his ex. (And before I forget: You made me peek at his blog again, you frassum wassum!!)

    On second thought, it’s not disenchanting at all. I wasnt ‘enchanted’ enough to be disappointed that he won’t go to the show. I just dont think their spat is earth-shakingly important. We have a food crisis, for the love of….

    But is he really needed in that show? They can have a conversation even without him. Montano gets to defend himself at Korina’s and Gorrell responds through his blog or at that radio show where he guests. In fact, Mo Twister should give equal time to Montano even without the sabong. The sabong would just be for ratings anyway.

    (Or maybe he still loves Montano. Wouldnt that be intriguing? Or sick?)

  8. rom says:

    jeg: intriguing or sick? bwahaha! howsabout both? LOL

  9. BrianB says:

    Yep, tried to post comments urging him to do the show but he just won’t budge. He’s probably still in live with the guy.

    The thing now is that people who are familiar with the Gucci people would still believe Brian but others will start losing interest. Stupid of Brian G…

  10. shiro says:

    brian started down this path. he should have the fortitude to take all the way to where it ultimately leads.

  11. precious says:

    re interview of korina with parents of djm they said they will file a case wondering why not file now immediately as damage to djm image is already made.

  12. Malkie says:

    Jesus you’re a bit hard on him aren’t you? He has HIV after all and is on medication. But nonwithstanding that…Montano claims never to have taken any money from Gorrell – even though Western Union records show he (and his sister) received considerable amounts. He also said in his television interview (chaperoned by Mummy and Daddy-in-law and how piss-weak is that) quote: “I am not a cocaine addict”. Perhaps. But note he didn’t say “I’ve never used cocaine” or “I don’t use cocaine”. And note also that he continues to threaten litigation but nothing has come of it. Why is that do you suppose? Do you think it could be because HE’S LYING THROUGH HIS TEETH? Wait and see…the shit hasn’t hit the fan yet. The photos of DJ Montano, Celine Lopez, Tim Yap and the rest of the so-called Gucci Gang SNORTING COKE will soon be on the net. Then we’ll see what’s what, what?

  13. rom says:

    malkie: welcome to the smoking room, mate. didja also notice that montano said he received money from gorrell and either spent it for gorrell or later on gave it back to him. there’s a difference between taking someone’s money and holding onto it for someone.

    don’t get me wrong, malkie. i’m not for montano. i’m just not ready to take brian g at his word either.

    one other thing. so he dint deny using cocaine. so the eff what, eh?

    btw, loved your blog

  14. Brian says:

    I like your blog too!
    I’m really just a normal guy everyone.
    I didn’t do Korina because I was warned not to.
    I made my reasons very clear in a post as to why I did not feel like being on the PHONE when he was in the studio.
    Anyone will tell you in the bizz, it is not a fare and balanced exchange.
    And I have been bamboozled enough by this group of criminals.

  15. rom says:

    Brian: media is very rarely as fair and balanced as we want it to be.

  16. mabel says:

    brian is coward and a good blackmailer!

  17. Jason L. says:

    I have thought about this situation a great deal. In a way, I am thankful that Mr. Gorrell spoke up when other would stay silent out of fear. But in the end, I fnd that Brian Gorrell is publishing for money, not justice and using HIV as a death sentence when it is no longer so, especially in Australia. I find it distateful to use health issues to get money. I also firmly believe that Mr. Gorrell got “his money’s worth” as he was allowed into the elite. I am sure that as a gay man he wanted to meet Imelda Marcos and probably did. He partied with the supposed “Gucci Gang” and felt deceived that the mirage was just that. In the end of the day though, he pushed to much and became a symbol of gay men of the western hemisphere. I think that there is more unexplored anger in how Americans and Australians are perceived with a large mixed community that were abandoned by their fathers and are angry and eventually support their citizen and not someone who is now out of information and is fading into history. At least, this allowed the government and business elite to know that a middle class is forming in the Philippines and that the middle class is more progressive but also want reforms and not open promises and multiple impeachment trials. Brian Gorrell did help me personally though, in realizing that we all must have our own voice and use it, I am just disappointed that he was only in it for the money and belongs in the frenemy crowd that he complained about stealing from and now being penniless and suffering from HIV, a manageable illness. I think that Mr. Gorrell wnts to take no responsibility in his actions. He does not by his own words take responsibility for practicing unsafe sexual practices (unless it was a blood transfusion and then I apologize) and now has at least 10K with support and appearance fees, and wants more and more. Your moment is done Mr. Gorrell, the people ve forgiven Celine and DJ and it is time to move on to more important topics, like the economy and why it is not a conflict-of-interest to have the elite run the Philippines in both business and politics and their is a belief that a new face will reform the Philippines and not just enrich themselves, spouses or children. There are larger questions than Brian Gorrell’s lost money in a cafe deal.

  18. joven siruaga says:

    I am learning a LOT about the Philippines with all the blogging going on between Brian Gorrell & D.J. Montano… I have decided not to travel to the Philippines (once wanting to make Manila and Cebu a travel destination). The recent informative blogs, and Youtube coverage has exposed a seedy, pretentious, group of Filipinos with ambitions for only hedonistic pleasures. No wonder many Filipino (males in particular) are labeled “money boys”, and they prey on older guys. (because they have more finances than young guys). The quesionable morals of these “Gucci Gang” type characters only stress that, IF they follow some semblance of religion (as most Filipinos are Roman Catholic), then I would suggest they just become atheist or Muslims, becaue you are giving Catholics a “bad” name also. One does not want to stereotype, now I am scrutinizing the Filipinos in my own community, and they seem to subscribe to the same characteristics of the “Gucci Gang”…. God help us all !

  19. rom says:

    joven: welcome to the smoking room. Normally, I’m pretty open-minded and welcoming of comments – whether or not I agree. But deciding not to come to the Philippines because of what one blog says … man, that’s just stupid. If you REALLY think that way, then I suppose it’s a good thing you’re not coming to manila.

    and that crack about turning muslim to avoid giving catholics about a bad name, that’s stupid too. are muslims so bad that they can’t be “given a bad name?” Haha. If you think like that – and talk like that – I think you should stay where you are.

  20. lulu says:

    Hmmmm… true is this?


    Osho Bogwan writes:

    Osho Bogwan @ 5:35 pm:

    Brian, what a pathetic attempt to turn the tables and extract sympathy & $$$ from complete strangers when this has been your own modus for several years!

    You failed to mention the lovely house shown in the news footage was owned by your unrequited Sydney based ultra Christian homosexual “Sugar Daddy” who indulged your every whim from your Range Rover to your swimming pool…

    You get back what you deserve. How does “Sydney Sugar Daddy” feel about you running off to the Phillipines after his taking care of you & your mom for several years while you allegedly suffer from HIV (and looking healthier than the average Australian?) and living the highlife at the same time?? Does he do it for the great sex?

    Perhaps this is payback for your pseudo-interest and subsequent snubbing of the people that actually took an interest in your well being? HaHa! The shoe is on the other foot and it doesn’t seem to fit you too well, eh? Next time ask for Bruno Magli instead of Gucci!

    I find it curious how you managed to sell your interest in “your” house for $100,000 in a property that does not even belong to you…

    Must have a good banker to pull this off…! Obviously you have a knack for pulling off your own cons AND congratulations on going digitally global in your pathetic plea for financial renumeration for to pay for your poor judgement!

    I hope the paypal deposits go into dispute by the credit card donors after they read this!

    PS: See you on the streets of King’s Cross after you shave your bung hole…

    Lotsa love from All of your ex-friends that you have dumped on in your social climbing endeavours.

    Hope you’ve enjoyed the lines of coke and free-flowing champers! May your cleansed karma be with you! -Osho B.

    Posted Apr 5, 2008

  21. Ian says:

    Brian? Is it true you dumped your Sugar Daddy of 20 years? If you did, then you deserve everthing that is happening to you .. Yes, it is karma, and the old line “what goes around comes around” I now have NO sympathy for you. I think you are another one of the money boys except not in the stereotypical sense, since you are not from a 3rd world country and Asian ! (no offense to the Asians who I adore). Brain, just consdier this a $70,000 lesson in hedonism.

  22. Lulu says:

    OMG!I KNEW IT!Brian is posting comments as anonymous on his blog!I saw something like

    from BRIAN:
    “brian were here to support you ,boracay people loves you” next to brian’s picture tapos nag blip yung picture 9 ulit yung comment instead of 10.bwhahaha!!!huli ka Brian!

    HAHAHA!!!Mr. Gorrell,natataranta na sa dami ng nagagalit sa panlalait nya sa tao ayan tuloy nakalimutan muna mag log out sa account nya bago mag post nga comment sa sarili nyang blog!

    anyway,there are other Filipinos who are skeptical about him,me included,there are so many loopholes in his stiry and he has now shown his true color by ranting against Filipinos and everything about the Philippines,by the way,please visit this site so you can see what i am talking about,a lot of stuff out there about brian is posted there,we are actually conducting background check on gorrell.

    see :

  23. rom says:

    Lulu: whoa. that’s a serious accusation Lu.

  24. jaques says:

    What is this about DJ Montano – just pay the man his 70K and forget about it. Your mother said on the TV show that 70K is not a big deal … so – PAY HIM BACK ! The only thing good is that I neve knew of Mo Twister, but I think he could see right through DJ – just re-watch the video and watch Mo’s reaction! He knows DJ is lying ! and I now here that there is a contract in Manila put out on Brian – no shock there, those people will do ANYTHING for money$$$$ PAY UP DJ MONTANO !

  25. jaques says:

    I haven’t been following lately – Did DJ Montano pay up? 70,000 is not that much so pay up ! How could anyone be so greedy and EVIL to steal money from someone that needs that money now to live ? You, DJ Montano have given a bad name to Filipinos – even those living in USA follow the same ‘plastic’ pattern of tyring to ‘look (what a joke!) and act RICH! unfortunately, they have NO Class, and you cannot buy CLASS!. In closing I have this to say to DJ “mabaho Kili Kili”

  26. Charles says:

    Well listen up you CAUCASIANS – the Filipino money boys are always looking to love YOU(r) MONEY! They prey on the internet,, yahoo, msn etc. waiting for one of you to bite from their slimely line and hook. They will always tell you they are sick, or a member of their family is sick, or they don’t have any money to buy food, or electricity ) to play on your sympathetic kindness (which equates to $$$$) of most Americans, Australians, Canadians etc. Yes, we realize that they are poor, and their country doesn’t help them … but save your money, find a partner in your own country – preferably one with ambition, (JOB) and one with integrity! and definitely one with CLASS – (that, they all missed the BOAT on – including the Gucci Gang !!!!

  27. rom says:

    Charles: money boys are always slimy and despicable – whatever their nationality. so please, let’s not single filipinos out, eh? thanks.

  28. Ridge says:

    HE REFUSES to face Korina, because Brian Gorrell was never a victim. He never was. Even the 70,000 dollar spiel was a total lie. Review his alleged Western Union money-orders again…they did not even sum-up to 8,000 Australian dollars. DJ was telling the truth that this was in payment for his rent and expenses. His mails corroborated this.

    He planned everything. He wrote his blog for nearly one year. Beginning somewhere February to March of 2007…He released it for public reading on March 2008. He led everyone into this twisted lie. He has the mind of a scheming psycho-killer…only this time, in literary form only.

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