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Reading the Sunday newspapers, I came across two very disturbing articles. The first – in the Inquirer – told about how the Supreme Court has recently authorized loans to Judges to enable them to purchase pistols ‘for their protection;’ clearly as a response to the rising incidence of judges being killed.

The second – in the Philippine Star – was about some troubles in the Comelec. The reporter, kinda like as a throwaway comment, noted that there is talk in the Comelec that one official will be killed every two months until the troubles are resolved.


Is this still the Philippines or some lawless frontier town in the wild wild west? What sort of country have we become that judges have to walk around packing heat just to feel safe? And you can bet that now that the SC has authorized our magistrates to carry weapons, the Comelec cannot be far behind. Never since the first quarter storm has the utter collapse of law and order been more imminent and apparently inevitable.


No less a symptom of lawlessness is the news that Brian Gorrell will now have a radio show. Our country is apparently so “eat-the-rich” rabid; and people apparently deem the law so inconsequential that we have seen fit to give this person another soapbox.

I have nothing against Brian, but to reward slander in this way seems to me unconscionable. Sad as it may be, we have given up caring about the law in favor of one-sided exposés and scandal-laced gossip. By rewarding Brian, we are sending out the message that it’s okay to smear people irresponsibly if your slander is salacious and juicy enough to titillate the public. This radio station that gave Brian a program has seriously undermined law and order on the altar of crass commercialism. Fuck it all.


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  1. BrianB says:

    Lawlessness from the top.

  2. ptt says:

    The average cost of a brand new pistol is about $600. That article about Philippine judges needing a loan in order to purchase a pistol might be meant for readers living in different dimension. But if what they’re really saying is they want more tax money to spend on upgrading the judges personal security detail weapons arsenal to better protect their $40,000 vehicles and $400,000 houses, then that would be closer to reality. Nothing has really changed in regards to “law and order” You just get to realize how it really is at one point, then we try to do what we can to protect ourselves and then we hope for the best.

  3. Rom says:

    Ptt: hey you! Where’ve u been uncle? Nice to read you again.

  4. Jeg says:

    That would be a good niche market for small financial institutions. Youve got housing loans and car loans. Why not firearms loans? I could use one myself. What, you still trust the guvmint to protect you?

  5. ptt says:

    Just hangin out…I see that you’ve relocated. Nice blog!

  6. rom says:

    jeg: government can protect you against many things (a’course, whether it actually does is a different story altogether), but i don’t think it can protect against attacks directed at individuals. we don’t yet live in a completely orwellian world, after all. And besides, there really is nothing that can stand between a determined assassin and his target, is there? I asked John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, Gandhi, and JFK and they all agreed with me. 😉

  7. rom says:

    ptt: thanks, uncle. hope you enjoy it here.

  8. cvj says:

    You do realize there is a connection between Arroyo’s illegitmacy, the Oligarch’s ‘right makes might’ and the descent into lawlessness.

  9. rom says:

    cvj: i see the connection between the oligarchs’ attitudes and the lawlessness as plain as day. as to GMA being illegit, I’m assuming you mean that because the top levels of government are perceived to be possessed of the same ‘might is right’ mentality, everyone down below simply follows suit.

    or, it could be said that GMA’s illegitimacy has led to her coddling the oligarchs so she won’t be deposed, which coddling has in turn emboldened the sons of bitches resulting directly in their greater sense of impunity.

    a third variation is also possible. GMA’s illegitimacy has necessitated greater and greater levels of corruption (basically to keep her would-be deposers fat and rich and happy) which has exponentially impoverished the nation while concentrating power into fewer and fewer families which balk at nothing to keep their hold on power; in the meantime, the poor get poorer and so are desensitized, allowing them to see murder as a valid source of income, hence the proliferation of people willing to shoot targets for money.

  10. sparks says:

    Well, Brian is a symptom that in our society only those who can afford the law will have its protection. I don’t think anyone in his right mind would do what he has done if he felt he had any other recourse. If push comes to shove, ‘shaming’ works sometimes. And that is what he is doing. But then those who feel they are above common decency have probably developed thick skin.

  11. cvj says:

    Rom, thanks for that. I believe all three are happening which are symptoms in the depletion of social capital. The thing is, society is so diffuse such that what happens in one part takes time to manifest its consequences in another part. It’s that time lag and indirect path that lulls people into a sense of complacency.

    Using an analogy from astronomy, i think you’ll appreciate that we are caught in a black hole that is so massive that we don’t feel the tidal forces even if we are already well within the event-horizon.

  12. rom says:

    sparks: I don’t know. Brian isn’t exactly poor. And what he lost, he actually gave away (with the exception of the money he claims was stolen from his hotel room). So, how can he have any recourse in the law if no law was actually violated? I mean, sure, his lover preyed on his feelings and all that, but the fact is he willingly parted with his money with the expectation that he would reap a profit eventually.

    Nevertheless, assuming he has an actionable claim against his lover (btw, a broken heart isn’t actually actionable), does he really have to go shotgunning everyone else? His lover’s friends may be scum of the earth, but do they not deserve the protection of the law as well?

    As always, I have to say that if I were in Brian’s shoes, I might not act any differently. But that wouldn’t make wholesale indiscriminate slander any less wrong.

  13. shiro says:

    ah, right and wrong…. well, aren’t those concepts next to useless in this country?

  14. Jeg says:

    Shiro, lad, such a cynic. Right and wrong is all we have, since THEY have legal and illegal. Hang on to your sense of right and wrong. It’s our only hope and is far from useless.

  15. BrianB says:

    Hey, stop talking about me as if I don’t read this blog and I don’t call anyone “lover.” Luvah maybe.

  16. rom says:

    brianb: haha. you’re funny, bri.

  17. lulu says:

    Hmmmm… true is this?


    Osho Bogwan writes:

    Osho Bogwan @ 5:35 pm:

    Brian, what a pathetic attempt to turn the tables and extract sympathy & $$$ from complete strangers when this has been your own modus for several years!

    You failed to mention the lovely house shown in the news footage was owned by your unrequited Sydney based ultra Christian homosexual “Sugar Daddy” who indulged your every whim from your Range Rover to your swimming pool…

    You get back what you deserve. How does “Sydney Sugar Daddy” feel about you running off to the Phillipines after his taking care of you & your mom for several years while you allegedly suffer from HIV (and looking healthier than the average Australian?) and living the highlife at the same time?? Does he do it for the great sex?

    Perhaps this is payback for your pseudo-interest and subsequent snubbing of the people that actually took an interest in your well being? HaHa! The shoe is on the other foot and it doesn’t seem to fit you too well, eh? Next time ask for Bruno Magli instead of Gucci!

    I find it curious how you managed to sell your interest in “your” house for $100,000 in a property that does not even belong to you…

    Must have a good banker to pull this off…! Obviously you have a knack for pulling off your own cons AND congratulations on going digitally global in your pathetic plea for financial renumeration for to pay for your poor judgement!

    I hope the paypal deposits go into dispute by the credit card donors after they read this!

    PS: See you on the streets of King’s Cross after you shave your bung hole…

    Lotsa love from All of your ex-friends that you have dumped on in your social climbing endeavours.

    Hope you’ve enjoyed the lines of coke and free-flowing champers! May your cleansed karma be with you! -Osho B.

    Posted Apr 5, 2008

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