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Suddenly an enemy

Like many others, I used to think of my cellphone as a friend – a partner even – an indispensable link to others. Not anymore. Ever since I got those KFR threats, my cell is suddenly an enemy.

Every time i hear the beep of a new message, i hold my breath while waiting for the message to show – my eyes glued to the sender box, dreading the appearance of a number my phonebook doesn’t know. Every time the phone rings, I feel a spreading chill that starts in my chest and radiates down to my arms and to my back. My ears burn and my hands shake. I hate this. It’s gotten so bad that even landlines give me the creeps.

I hate this.


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18 Responses

  1. BrianB says:

    April Fools?

  2. rom says:

    brianb: Got them before April fools, unfortunately

  3. BrianB says:

    type them here so we can figure it out. Informed the proper authorities yet?

  4. cvj says:

    If it’s a text message, i think you should report these to the police.

  5. sorry but what’s KFR? threats? blog-related? whatever, that’s terrible. maybe time to change your number?

  6. Rom says:

    Stuart-santiago: kidnap for ransom. Kinda redundant coz what other kind of kidnap is there, bt thats what they call it.

    cvj & bri : did that na. Even the ntc. Bt as it turns out, they cant do anythng. The telcos wont cooperate without a court order. Or – and ths is just me – maybe they need a fuckn death certificate.

  7. BrianB says:

    ROM, post the threats, we’ll analyze this.

  8. Rom says:

    Brianb: i’d luv 2, bt someone told me that myt antagonize the motherfuckers.

  9. shiro says:

    This is f*in warped. who are those people?!

  10. Rom says:

    Shiro: wish i knew luv. And wish i knew what i’ve done to be made a target. I dnt thnk its blog related, but then right now, i barely know what to think anyway. As embarrasing as it may sound, these threats have effectively blown my serenity to bits. Didnt know i was such a fucking coward.

  11. shiro says:

    it’s a justified concern luv. it’s basically ’cause we all know the type of godless monsters that have free reign in this country… and what they can do.

  12. what a bad trip. wait, are the msgs clearly meant for you, not possible that these fuckers have the wrong number lang? whatever, take care.

  13. Rom says:

    Stuart-santiago: i wish it were a wrong number. But they referred to me by name. Oh well. Thanks for the concern. Its a booster.

  14. shiro says:

    hang in there luv, this is harassment, plain and simple.

  15. Rom says:

    Shiro: that’s what i keep telling me’self nowadays. Bt what’s destroyng me is not knowing when this fearfulness will end… Or if it will end at all.

    cops and family tell me not to let it affect me. I know they mean well, but i want to scream at them to trade places wit me before they tell me things like that.

    waaaah! I want my serenity back! Help.

  16. BrianB says:

    Hm, I used to get death threats over landline phone. Someone thought I was sleeping with his girlfriend. He was calling by cell, using many SIM cards, so I guess since he took the effort he was serious. Had a suspect but never confirmed it. I took comfort in that, that my suspect was very likely him and just focused on that guy. I don’t know why it ended but it did. You have to ask yourself what the motive is. That’s why I asked you for the text. Cops, not the NBI, might not have enough expertise to tackle the problem.

    There are very few motivations in this world, ROM, and you can start by narrowing it down to what could possibly cause this. If you are going to be bothered at all, at least be systematic about it.

  17. BrianB says:

    And, oh, never slept with anyone’s girlfriend. Too much pride and that “hobby” of others is way too low for me.

  18. Rom says:

    Brianb: haha! That last comment really madE my day, bri! Thank u so much, man. I needeD that! *kiss*

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