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Manila turns off lights for Earth Hour.”

Oh, really? And then what?

And then it turns the lights back on again. But not just the lights that people actually need. They also switched back on those lights that do nothing but glorify the vanity of city mayors.

Street lights that look like lit-up lollipops along Manila’s Baywalk; the diamond-topped lights and the ‘basket-of-egg’ street lights along the Pasay City section of Roxas Boulevard; the color changing light cubes that that line Nagtahan Bridge in Manila; and so many more.

And they will keep switching those lights back on every night because no one actually complains about them and the drain they put on the planet. WWF? Bullshit. The World Wide Fund – Philippines supposedly spearheaded last night’s lights out. Nice piece of organizing and marketing bullshit, but where are they whenever the Manila Council meets and talks about city business? Why aren’t they at the City Hall protesting the continued use of unnecessary lighting? Why aren’t they asking for the disclosure of the cost of operating those garish clownish street lights? In the long run, that sort of activism will achieve far more than lights-out stunts.

Why? Because stunts light last night’s lights-out are meant only to “increase awareness.” That begs the question whose awareness do you want to boost? The answer is obviously “the people’s.”Riiiiiight. Whenever someone from government says “we can only do this together,” what he is really saying is that “we want you to feel responsible also so that you don’t blame the government all the time.” Because the government is to blame. I have nothing against sacrificing some personal comfort for the common good. But it angers me no end to know that while government is telling me to suck it up, it’s also being profligate with the resources under its control.

Take Manila, for example. How the fuck can the Manila government have the nerve to tell me to shut down my AC at 3am when the fucking lollipop lights of the Baywalk burn til sunrise? Is my AC any competition for the power those lights suck in? If I turned my AC off, am I saving a tree? A bush? A shrub? A weed, maybe? I’m not saying plunge the Baywalk into darkness. I’m saying don’t use more light than is necessary. If government wants me to conserve power, it had damned well better show that it is doing the same.


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  1. shiro says:

    what really gets me though luv, is the fact that there are already existing forms of free, non-polluting energy that can be tapped by people. they just don’t get marketed enough because well… free energy means no one really makes money off of it.

  2. Jeg says:

    Global warming is probably one of the worst justifications for cutting down on energy use and pollution. What if it isnt true? People will then go on their merry way, wasting resources, not caring about future generations.

    Cut down on frivolous consumption and pollution because it’s the right thing to do; not because youre scared of global warming.

  3. BrianB says:

    You can’t stop the U.S. and you can’t stop China – that’s all I have to say. I don’t know why scientists can’t just make an ozone, artificially.

  4. cvj says:

    Brianb, global warming is different from the Ozone problem.

  5. BrianB says:

    cvj, yeah. I apologize. Global warming may cause ozone depletion but not the other way around. I stand corrected.

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