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Double standard

I know I wrote about this before, but damn! I can’t find it.

The first time I noted it was in Solita Monsod’s case. As also pointed out by a noted blogger, Monsod suddenly went against Jun when the redoubtable Mr. Lozada dragged Fely Arroyo’s name into the conversation.

The second instance I saw it was during ABS-CBNs Harapan where the Makati Business Club guy glowered at Jun Lozada when Lozada sounded like he was implicating someone the MBC guy was friends with. The MBC guy backed off quickly enough when Lozada just as quickly made amends.

And now, the third time I’m seeing it is when very recently, one of Lozada’s provincial organizers – who also happens to be a priest – criticized the ‘archdiocese of malakanyang’ wisecrack.

“(Jun Lozada and his camp) collected enemies unnecessarily. What they did to Cardinal Vidal with their baseless accusations was done in bad taste to say the least.”

As with Monsod and that MBC guy, this priest calls Lozada’s words baseless simply because he thinks he knows the truth about the man being lambasted. And on the basis of this personal knowledge, he – like Monsod and MBC-guy – was quick enough to criticize the prophet.  Which begs the question: why can they not be as stringent in their standards when it comes to people they don’t know personally? 


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3 Responses

  1. shiro says:

    Hmm… collected enemies unnecessarily…. since when was this a consideration when you were supposedly telling the truth i wonder… hmmm…..

  2. […] Even as Cardinal says Lozada’s forgiven , my column for today is The interdiction of a witness, which took its cue from yesterday’s Inquirer editorial, A nation of lost sheep. For additional background, see the Sun Star Cebu article, Cardinal explains ’secret meeting’. What’s the worth of a Mass, anyway? I Believe 101 offers up a reflection. Meanwhile, Philippine Commentary reacts to my column and says it’s an exercise in futility. On a related note, see Red’s Herring and smoke. […]

  3. Nick says:

    It is just human nature, that such a double standard exists. That as long as the pointing of fingers does not point at oneself, it seems to be fine and dandy. It is that nature of some or maybe even the majority, that they fail to realize or even contemplate that there exists a greater good, which exists above personalities.

    Excellent observation Rom…

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