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I admit it. I’m thiiiiiiis close to obsessing on Brian Gorrell’s blog.

It’s called the simian reflex. That’s when we can’t tear our eyes away from a commotion. If the commotion happens to be a train wreck, that’s called a morbid fascination. In the sense that Brian is ripping manila high society a new asshole, yes, I’m in the grip of a morbid fascination.

What fascinates me the most, however, is not the visceral gutting that Brian is carrying out. What is so fucking interesting is the difference in reactions from readers who belong (or think they do) to the high society being mangled; and from readers who don’t belong (or wish they didn’t).

Most telling of the first kind is this, from hiddenzipper:

For the past several days, I have been glued to a tell-all blog that revealed all things nasty from tacky money-issues to drug addiction. However I won’t create a link of that blog here, because I’d like to focus on French life.

Her blog – her life, of course, but that’s like saying I ‘d rather not see if all I have to look at is negativity. So very Beeblebrox.

The controversial blog however has caused me to contemplate the ins and outs of whistle blowing. As a child, I was encouraged to speak up, if someone molests me or does anything untoward. As an adult, I was discouraged from airing my dirty laundry in public.

Such opposing advice can be confusing, because then you’d have to guess when to speak up, and when to keep silent.

This confuses you? When you’re a child, where dirty laundry is aired should not be a concern of yours. It’s only in a screwed-up world do molested children have to be burdened with making the decision to tell?  I concede that we do live in that kind of world, but that’s talking in general. In our own corners of that world, we should be very clear that where molestation is concerned, there are is no moral dilemma: WE TELL.

In my hometown for example, child abuse and incest are so rampant that when a film on this subject was released, it was a great flop. That’s because it hit too close to home, to too many people. After all, why would anyone want to announce that their parents are perverts? Worse, if a child whistle blows, he/she would be promptly kicked out of the house, and starve to death on the streets. In this case, it’s better to keep silent.

I’m dying to know where this “hometown” is where molested children starve to death in the streets?  My guess is that incest and child abuse are so rampant in your hometown precisely because people know that no one talks about it. That’s called impunity. And that’s seriously fucked up.

But towards, the end of her post, hiddenzipper makes a timorous u-turn.

Finally, I have to admire that controversial blogger, for having the great courage to do what I myself was too chicken to accomplish many years ago.

That explains alot. It also highlights the conflict in this blogger and others like her. She knows that Brian is telling the truth, and on some deep level, the truth truly disgusts her; but at the same time, the high-society aesthetic of suffering in silence is probably so deeply ingrained in her that when she had the chance to speak out against the filth, she chickened out. I don’t think she’s alone in that. And she has to be given much credit for speaking out now, if belatedly and vicariously.

Others, like bryanboy, just cheered when they thought the tell-all had stopped.

By the time we got back to my friend’s place, we went online and Brian Gorrell wrote on his blog that it was over. We clapped our hands and sighed with relief. Maybe he got the money he was asking for, who knows, but at least it was over — or so he said on his blog.

This, I suspect, is the most primal reaction to any tell all. Wagons are circled and everyone in the circle holds their breath, waiting for their turn in the monstrous spotlight. In contrast, everyone outside the circle ends up cheering. Class antagonism, cvj?

Out of all the things that come from Brian Gorrell’s blog, this is prolly the most important because the revelations and especially the reactions very clearly underscore just how disconnected the two halves of our schizophrenic society is.

Incidentally, I wonder how bryanboy feels now that Brian Gorrell’s blog is back up.


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5 Responses

  1. BrianB says:

    What the “other” people are afraid is that they too will get a mention… in the comments sections. The comments area has become a sounding board… no, an official forum for slanderers.

  2. cvj says:

    I suppose so, i hate elitists for what they are doing to our country. Elitism is such a dumb (not to mention arrogant) mindset. I don’t read most of his blog entries (but i save them in case they get deleted again). He should turn on Google AdSense while he’s popular.

  3. Interesting insight there. I think for anyone who felt betrayed / hurt, one has a way of fighting back. That blog is Brian’s way.

  4. Candle_light says:

    KAwawa naman talaga si Brian!!! Walang pinagkaiba ang mga Gucci Gang socialites lalo na ni DJ Montano sa mga corrupt, Cheaters, Liars, na politicians! Masunog sana kaluluwa nila!!!!!!!!!DEVILS

  5. Sluggo says:

    Congratulations DJ and Celine for making a bad reputation on Pinoys.. Job well done!

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