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Brian again

It is absolutely amazing how Brian’s blog just keeps on dishing the dirt on Manila’s high-society. And judging from the comments section of even just the latest post, Brian’s blogging is also galvanizing. You know how cloud seeding works, right? They scatter dust in the air and the individual particles of dust become nuclei for condensation, i.e., the dust particles pull liquid water out of the cloud. When enough liquid water is pulled out of the vaporous cloud, the droplet becomes too heavy to stay airborne and falls as rain. Well, in Brian’s case, all the dirt he’s revealing about his former party-buddies is attracting a whole lot of hostility from so many people, just like dust particles in a cloud create rain. All this is really just a roundabout way of saying “Methinks a storm is coming.”

Or at least that’s how it feels.

The tragedy in all of this is that a storm probably won’t come.

You see, the problem is that all of Brian’s revelations – as compelling as they are, and no matter how true they are – are on a blog, and they all relate to events and personalities who are firmly ensconced in the Philippines.

Let me explain that:

Blogs are now respectable in other countries, most especially in the US, where a blog first broke the news about faulty reporting by a major news organization. The US is also where even Presidential candidates regularly maintain blogs as a way of keeping in touch with their constituents. But this is not America.

Here, blogs don’t have that sort of clout yet. Apart from a few noteworthy examples, blogs here are still seen as a sort of novelty. Something young people do. Worse, they are often seen as merely the source of juicy gossip. In fact, that’s precisely how Brian’s blog is often characterized – a source of gossip about the people with fragrant flatulence. And gossip might destroy a reputation, but it’s not particularly potent at affecting the law on human relations.

And this being the Philippines, the law is something the rich and powerful know how to use. Ironic, isn’t it? The law is supposed to shield the weak and the needy, but all too often, it is used to insulate the predatory and the greedy. Ask Jun Lozada. Anyway, even a cursory examination of the comments that are clearly not sympathetic to Brian despite claiming to feel his pain (as in the Gloria Arroyo debates, those who are “pro” often take pains to disguise their true stand by claiming sympathy with the cause of the “antis;” in this case, the “anti-Brians” preface their digs at him by saying they are actually “pro”) reveals their legalistic posture. I call that the Bart Simpson defense. “Didn’t do it, nobody saw me do it, you can’t prove anything.” Which is as predictable as it is reasonable.

(Speaking of anti-Brians in disguise, Celine Lopez seems to have a blogging team plugging away in her defense. Kinda like the Luli-Brigade. That’s another interesting facet of this sensation: how it closely mirrors the NBN-ZTE brouhaha.)

The truth of the matter is, Brian gave that money away – with the exception of the money that was stolen from his room. He was a consenting adult in full possession of his faculties. He hasn’t even claimed that he was ever coerced. Although being in-love can be a coercive influence, unfortunately, it is usually a defense only in crimes of passion, not gullibility.

This does not make Brian wrong, nor DJ innocent. Not at all. However, it is the reason why I see no legal remedies for Brian. In the end, the conclusion of this drama truly lies in the hands of DJ Montano. Or to be more precise, in the hands of DJ Montano’s conscience. To be even more precise, I would say that it all depends on how thick DJ’s skin really is. And because there are no legal remedies, DJ’s lawyers can get away with simply insulting Brian, and even threatening him for libel.

(Interesting, really, to watch this whole scenario unfold. At the very least, one hopes this turns into an opportunity to further develop libel jurisprudence in the country. Best case scenario: Brian gets his money back, and Danton Remoto makes some laws that will prevent this sort of thing from happening again. But that’s a long shot.)

What has greater promise is the BOYCOTT trend appearing in the blog’s comments section. Some people are talking about boycotting places like the Pen, the establishments connected to the Gucci Gang, and so on. Kinda like the blogosphere’s reaction to Malu Fernandez last year. However, if that case study is anything to go by (Malu still writes and people have mostly shut up about her), then maybe boycotting the Gucci Gang won’t make a dent either.

Which is why I said the storm we all feel brewing prolly won’t come at all. Most likely, this issue will continue to rage for another couple of weeks ( this being a long weekend might either keep the fire alive, due to some people being stuck at home; or dampen it considerably as more people will probably be preoccupied with Holy Week activities like stations of the cross swimming), then Filipinos will move on to something else. Like the NBN-ZTE hearings. We have the attention span of fruit-flies sometimes.

But letting the issue slip into forgetfulness is something we really shouldn’t allow, no matter how easily we forget things.


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3 Responses

  1. BrianB says:

    This is drugs, though. Forgetting about it is like forgetting about your children’s future. I think a lot of very responsible people who own businesses are angry.

  2. tony lee says:


  3. lulu says:

    Hmmmm… true is this?


    Osho Bogwan writes:

    Osho Bogwan @ 5:35 pm:

    Brian, what a pathetic attempt to turn the tables and extract sympathy & $$$ from complete strangers when this has been your own modus for several years!

    You failed to mention the lovely house shown in the news footage was owned by your unrequited Sydney based ultra Christian homosexual “Sugar Daddy” who indulged your every whim from your Range Rover to your swimming pool…

    You get back what you deserve. How does “Sydney Sugar Daddy” feel about you running off to the Phillipines after his taking care of you & your mom for several years while you allegedly suffer from HIV (and looking healthier than the average Australian?) and living the highlife at the same time?? Does he do it for the great sex?

    Perhaps this is payback for your pseudo-interest and subsequent snubbing of the people that actually took an interest in your well being? HaHa! The shoe is on the other foot and it doesn’t seem to fit you too well, eh? Next time ask for Bruno Magli instead of Gucci!

    I find it curious how you managed to sell your interest in “your” house for $100,000 in a property that does not even belong to you…

    Must have a good banker to pull this off…! Obviously you have a knack for pulling off your own cons AND congratulations on going digitally global in your pathetic plea for financial renumeration for to pay for your poor judgement!

    I hope the paypal deposits go into dispute by the credit card donors after they read this!

    PS: See you on the streets of King’s Cross after you shave your bung hole…

    Lotsa love from All of your ex-friends that you have dumped on in your social climbing endeavours.

    Hope you’ve enjoyed the lines of coke and free-flowing champers! May your cleansed karma be with you! -Osho B.

    Posted Apr 5, 2008

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