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Same old same old

It’s been awhile since I’ve sat down to write something. Unfortunately, things haven’t gotten better in the wild wild world of Philippine politics. Ja-ja-jamby’s still making waves (by farting into the pool) and making more and more enemies. The sad part is, I’m sure it’s gaining her more admirers as well. It’s getting so that I can hardly walk through school without hearing her name on the lips of the students. Admiringly for the most part, while those who don’t approve usually get booed down or dismissed as being pro-Arroyo.

Me, I’m tired of the whole thing. I’m tired of insisting on how the rule of law should always prevail even in the midst of heated arguments; and I’m so very tired of people like Lacson whining about how people like Enrile are Arroyo puppets whenever they try to hold favored witnesses to account.

Lacson is accusing Enrile of working for Malacañang, claiming the veteran lawmaker has been asking questions and giving out information which tend to destroy the credibility of witnesses on the NBN project.

Isn’t the witness’ credibility the whole point? And if someone sets out to test that credibility, why should he be automatically labeled a puppet? Even conceding that Enrile is cozy with the Prez, the fact remains that a witness should never be taken at face value. For those of you obsessed with CSI (especially those who still trumpet that motive-means-opportunity mantra), this concept might be easier to understand if you remember that Grissom always says that in a murder, the primary suspects are those closest to the victim – even if they seem sincere in their weeping and wailing.


As for the interfaith rally yesterday, that was less a rally about principles as it was a free concert. Memo to Malakanyang: get singers into the act and you’ll have a crowd to match those of your detractors. The formula is simple: musical act – political speech – comedy act – political speech – political speech – production number. Of course, the hat-trick is when you can have a musical/political/comedy act all a one go. So far, Danton Remoto has only managed the political/comedy act. Kinda reminiscent of similar shticks at places like Klownz


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  1. Hello, thank you for your comment. That is fair enough, but let me assure you that they do not talk (subtly) about politics in Klownz.

    How to capture the attention of 5,000 people on a hot day? We could do a political discourse, like we do in our blogs. Or we could do a comedic/political bull’s eye trick, like what i tried to do.

    In my book, whatever reaches the people (think of the millions of poor who do not write blogs), the better.

    Cheers 🙂

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