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The title of this post was nicked directly from Ducky Paredes’ excellent column for today (he writes for Malaya).  He recounts Ja-ja-jamby Madrigal’s recent idiocies, including her insults to the Chinese government, her idiotic claim that PNR had lost its MOA, dated 27 April 2005, with China National Technical Import-Export Corporation (CINTIC), and her ranting and raving against those x-ray machines.

To refresh your memory about these sterling example’s of Jamby’s statecraft, NEDA showed the original of the letter Jamby claimed was marked “Copy for FG.” Jamby claimed that FG must’ve stood for the big guy, but the NEDA original clearly showed that it was actually marked “Copy for FGI.” Jamby groused about how, because of the similarity of initials, the real FGI must’ve been FG’s bagman. Huh?

As for the PNR’s supposed loss of the MOA, the railway company’s MOA replied:

“If she will bother to read again my letter to her of February 20, she will realize that my statement is that we do not have a copy of the MOA she refers to or any other document which may be related to it dated April 27, 2005,” Sarasola said.

Apparently, what the PNR has is a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the PNR and CINTIC and the China National Machinery Import and Export Corporation (CMC) dated November 15, 2002.

PNR GM Sarasola explained to the press: “We do not have a copy of the MOA that Sen. Madrigal is talking about.  As far as we are concerned, such a document does not exist.  So how is it possible for me to have lost or to be covering up for a non-existent document?”

Oooookay. Maybe someone should explain the difference between an MOA and an MOU.

And those x-ray machines? Apparently, Jamby read a magazine article about the same brand of machines being purchased in Los Angeles, Calif.,  at lower cost. She immediately rounded on the people over at Customs and publicly harangued them about ‘over-priced’ machines. Customs answered that (a) the LA machines were of a lower model and thus, would obviously cost less; and that (b) we bought more units because we needed more units than LA does.

Now I’m not saying that Jamby is stupid. It’s just that her mouth is apparently much faster than common sense and due diligence.


But, in the final analysis, I don’t think Jamby is to blame entirely. We are.

A recent survey showed that Jamby’s approval ratings went up, while those of other senators took a dive. Apparently, despite her stupidities, Jamby has hit the right note with the survey crowd. Which indicates one thing: we do so like a good show.  As they said in Rome, if you can’t feed the mob, you had better be able to keep it entertained. And that’s what Jamby is (because she is nothing else): entertaining.

Seeing Jamby’s numbers rise, presumably on the strength of her shooting-from-the-hip style, I fear that other more sober Senators (all 2 of them) will feel pressured to act the same way. Worse, I fear that no matter how many people criticize Jamby – and no matter how valid the criticism is – we will always be outnumbered by those who see her bombast as a valid gauge of Senatorial conduct, integrity, and intelligence.

O judgement. Thous hast fled to brutish beasts, and men have lost their reason.


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3 Responses

  1. BrianB says:

    You mean even her staff is stupid. Even a stupd politician cannot make the mistakes she makes if she had a competent staff.

  2. shiro says:

    Think about it though Brian, she could also be someone who doesn’t listen to her staff and chooses to do things her own way. A staff is only as good as the boss who will heed their advice.

    I have worked with difficult people of the sort. And have willingly allowed their stupidity to shine through. matigas ang ulo eh. hehehe

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