I write better when I smoke. Don’t ask me to reduce it to a science.


Who could possibly mistake Pia Cayetano for a horse? Ja-ja-jamby, that’s who.

It seems like Pia ticked Jamby off by asking about the status of women- and youth-related bills that have been pending before Madrigal’s committee on women, youth and family relations. We-he-hell … Jamby didn’t like the implicit criticism and in true brat fashion, immediately sounded of on Pia’s ample ass.

Madrigal said Cayetano was only trying to project a good image before the public by hitting her on the supposed inaction on the bills that would promote women’s welfare.

Madrigal also tried to ‘turn the tables’ – a favorite tactic of fighting filipina femmes, regardless of breeding and wealth – by accusing Cayetano of spending far too much time being an athlete.

Cayetano also took offense to the comment of Madrigal that she was more focused on her participation in sports, which requires rigorous and many hours of training, and thus she could not concentrate on Senate work.

Hypocritical much? Instead of taking offense, Cayetano should have taken a bite out of Jamby by asking the lady with the lantern-jaw if she’s been able to concentrate on Senate work in the course of engaging in non-sequiturs, character assassinations, and insulting foreign superpowers.

And then comes the horse-shit. Madrigal advised Cayetano to quit joining so many races ‘coz “she was not a horse.” Cayetano comes back with the oh-so-snappy I’m-not-a-horse-I’m-a-workhorse retort. Puh-leeze. You’re pretty and all that, but please don’t remind us, Pia, that you are – in apparently equal measure – both a jock and a cheerleader.

In all fairness, neither lady is a horse. They are both just catty. Meowr-hiss-hiss. Rather unfortunately for all of us in the peanut gallery, as amusing as all this is, these two women are also Senators.

Maybe they should just start serving saucers of milk at those committee hearings.


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4 Responses

  1. shiro says:

    well, leave it to our elected politicians… those to whom we entrust the future of this country… to give us a source of… entertainment.


  2. edna says:

    i suppose jamby is just too jealous of pia, coz really, jamby’s the one who looks like a horse.. uh-oh, now its out. isnt she a bratty madrigal?

  3. rom says:

    edna:welcome to the smoking room! hahaha! And did you see Pia’s naked back on the front page of the inquirer today?LOL! Jamby must be either dying in envy or drooling with lust!

  4. Bencard says:

    between pia and jambay, i’ll take pia anytime – in every department, particulalry, brain. looks? i agree with edna. no contest. btw, she could spend all her madrigal “inheritance” on ricky belo – still nothin doin.

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