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Not necessarily a good thing

That Lorelei Fajardo woman seems to think that she could win points for Gloria by saying that she can take criticism while Lozada can’t. Hell, didn’t this Fajardo person ever think that her stupid boast could easily be turned on its head? Being able to take criticism, you stupid cow, is not necessarily a good thing. Especially not when being able to take flak also means being able to ignore it completely – even the constructive ones – like Gloria seems able to do and like the opposition is certain to point out. Hell, I’m not even a rabid Gloria critic – some would even say I’m a staunch supporter or some such bullshit – and I can see how Gloria can do with a little lot less epidermis.

There is nothing wrong with being resolute, of course, but sometimes the way this administration pretends that everything is rosy is just plain ridiculous. I suppose someone sufficiently high-up thinks that indiscriminately downplaying the bad and relentlessly playing up the good is excellent spinning. Well, it isn’t. Good spinning is when the spun don’t realize they’ve been spun.

The peso getting stronger because of Gloria? Puh-leeze. And taking credit for high remittance levels from OFWs? WTF is that? The way I see it, high remittances is actually an indicator of a screwed up economy because it only means that people don’t want to stay in-country. Hello? Can you say brain-drain?

My point is that Gloria’s ability to take criticism seems to have actually gone beyond stoicism to the point of utter obliviousness. So it’s really nothing to crow about, Lorelei.


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  1. martin says:

    Dr. Golez i think is a much more better communicator than Atty. Fajardo on the contrary Ms. Margaux Salcedo is a better spokesperson for the former President Erap and so do Deedee Sytangco for Tita Cory. As counter ego for former presidents and incumbent they should be sensitive on people’s feelings and sentiments.

  2. cvj says:

    I wouldn’t blame GMA. She does have the advantage of being in a position of power. Aside from her (few) genuine allies, she can afford to have those who don’t want to rock the boat, as well as the Meta-positionists to engage in her defense.

  3. carlomasajo says:

    true, it is not necessarily good for one to ably take criticism. perhaps the most important thing to do with it is to cause action towards betterment of the person criticized. in this respect, i believe, GMA has a weak advantage, if any.

  4. shiro says:

    hmmm. think about it though…

    if things weren’t sucky here, we wouldn’t have OFWs. and if they weren’t getting suckier… OFWs wouldn’t be sending more money.

    ergo, because Gloria is ruining the place, then she is contributing to stronger OFW remittances.

  5. mark says:

    “The peso getting stronger because of Gloria? Puh-leeze.”
    The peso is getting stronger because the United States is experiencing an economic crisis at this time. Yeah, you’re right. It’s not Mrs Macapagal-Arroyo”s achievement. It’s the work of the OFWs. And besides, the prices in the market are not decreasing instead taas pa ng taas ang prices.. ang kapal naman niyang iclaim tlga.

    As for Mrs. fajardo, makapal ang mukha niya. un lang. 🙂

  6. gerry sales says:

    my nose almost bled reading your high-falluting words. you are no better than the person you are critizing. as you claim you are not a rabid gloria critic, you are just plain rabid. it ticks me that you who sits up high in your imagined throne (toilet), should take such a high stand in trying to sound so intellectual in your perverted apprecation of the world. i hope your intellectual capacity can absorb this. ” hello can you say I HAVE BRAINS”


  7. rom says:

    gerry sales: hello, gerry. welcome to the smoking room. breathe, man, breathe.

  8. shiro says:

    So Gerry, who’s friend are you? Lorelei Fajardo’s or GMA’s? Are you the recipient of some government hand-out? Or perhaps work in Malacañang?

    Or to get straight to the point: what are you getting out of this? Because a tirade as vapid as yours can only come from the mind of someone who has been personally slighted at a perceived attack on their personal interests.

    So own up tough guy, who’re you defending? Because if you hadn’t noticed, there is such a thing as freedom of expression. And while I acknowledge yours, it doesn’t give you license to trample on someone else’s.

    Try assailing that logic, genius.

  9. virus says:

    Good one Shiro! Ang hirap sa ibang tao, they claim to be superior but can;t live with the fact that others have different opinions. Una sa lahat, sino bah tong fajardo???? para syang kabute na biglang sumulpot sa mga telebisyon!!! San sya galing??? Wala na nga akong gana kay gma, mas lalo pa with her choice of deputy spokesPWErson.. How desperate, i think it is only to offer something new, para maiba nman ang panlasa, ika nga. pero ang lasa naman ng binigay ng gubyerno natin, kasing pakla ng hitsura ng may ari ng mukha!!!!

    teka, gerry. for someone defending a lap dog of gma, you must be a lap dog too! ano ba ang nahihita sa mga ginagawa mo? how pathetic!

  10. pogo delosantos says:

    you little twat. you don’t know the first thing about logic if it hit you square on the face. given that the logic of fajardo is sound as you say it is, then where is she now? how come she doesn’t speak for GMA anymore? probably cause she got her into more problems!

    come on, i’m a PR practitioner by profession and that little quip she let slip that interview is so stupid. criticism is their difference? what was she thinking! that GMA can take criticism and he can’t? how about the many who are killed and are missing because they criticized? how about the bribes to shut up? yeah, she can take critics alright.

    ms fajardo, quit your job. you don’t know anything. get your facts straight. shut up. you’re not easy to watch either. go back to your shell. mukha kang kuhol. be quiet and vanish!
    gerry, isa ka pa. wala ka rin alam sa mga sinasabi mo. Hello ka diyan. by the way you spelled highfalutin wrong… balik ka na sa high school.

  11. […] their families? And besides, what justice? The President has ordered that the killers should, as Lorelei Fajardo put it, be brought to the bar of justice. Excellent soundbite, which is about all it is, because if […]

  12. […] President has ordered that the killers should, as Lorelei Fajardo put it, be brought to the bar of justice. Excellent soundbite, which is about all it is, because if […]

  13. R.Castañeda says:

    Sna lng kyong may mga hindi mgandang binangit kay lorelie fajardo ay wlang kpintasan at kung dumating ang panahon o mabigyan ng pagkakataon ng anumang tungkulin sa ating pamahalaan ay magampanan nyo nawa ng matiwasay ako lmang ay nligaw sa website nato at nbasa ko kung pano kyo mamuna ng hindi mganda naway pagpalain kyo ng maykapal sa inyong pamumuna at itama ang inyong gawain ng sa gayon dumating man ang panahong kyo nman ang nbigyan ng pagkakataon ay hindi gwin ng iba ang inyong pamumuna sa halip na tyo ay magpulaan tyo na lmang ay magkaisa at mag isip kung anong maari ntin maitulong sa sting bansa hindi kung ano maitutulong stin ng ating bansa maraming salamat mbuhay ang administrasyon sa kasalukuyan at darating pang administrasyon mabuhay ang pilipino

  14. EW. Domingo says:

    Well, to work with Gloria, you only need one qualification, and that is… have the capacity to lie and sleep soundly at night

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