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Jamby is a moron

Ja-ja-ja-jamby is a momomomoron. And if it is true that we are known by the company we keep, then maybe Ping should be more wary of getting too cozy with his seatmate.


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8 Responses

  1. BrianB says:

    I wonder how much her family donated to her foreign alma mater? She should’ve just gone to a public school where she can learn how to have a brain. The rich are becoming so trying hard nowadays. Insecure, much? as the younger kids say.

  2. shiro says:


    the thing is man, people voted her in.

  3. UP n student says:

    BrianB: Schools can accept students based less on the grade averages or acceptance test scores and more on LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL. Jamby has done her alma mater well, getting herself elected into a position of leadership.

  4. rom says:

    UPn: maybe so, but seriously, what has she done with that position? Kinda like Gloria and Assumption, donchathink? Or Mike and Ateneo.

  5. ma.milagros c. teves says:

    Gosh! I didn’t know so many agreed with me ! Jamby’s intellectually challenged! So ! she won her seat but only because judyann santos endorsed her for a fee! a big,fat fee!

  6. shiro says:

    and to think, she’s supposed to represent the coño set. what does that say about them?

  7. ma.milagros c. teves says:

    to: jun lozada
    ‘…………. oh, what a tangled web of lies you weave ………………
    Jun lozada should be very careful now, his manipulators did not get the results they wanted from the so called inter-faith rally last friday. They wanted people power to oust GMA, It didn’t happen! Now they know jun lozada’s speeches won’t get them what they want and they are desperate, after what they spent for that rally and for jun lozada’s fee from the patriotic fund, they just might think they need something drastic to trigger a people power . Ninoy aquino’s death triggered Edsa 1. Whose death will trigger it this time? mr. lozada , you are in more danger because you just might become a “sacrificial lamb ” of your manipulators! Don’t you know,what goes around comes around!

  8. […] the public. I mean, Judy Ann’s magic is tried and tested. After all, didn’t she send a loser to the Senate and didn’t she manage to win a horde of rabid passionate fans even with that […]

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