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Well …

Well … they always say that big movements often start small. Still, I am sorry that there were no truffles today among the 30-40 thousand or so who came.

I find it funny, though, that some senators actually had the chutzpah to say that they stayed away because they didn’t want to pre-judge the situation. HAH! If that isn’t the height of irresponsibility responsibility dodging, I don’t what is. They spend the last couple of weeks stoking the fires of popular unrest by giving unprecedented credence to one man’s testimony; by cavalierly dismissing everyone else’s testimony; and then, at the moment of testing, make a beeline for the rear.

Most likely they stayed away because they didn’t want to burn bridges too early. But I bet if the crowd had swollen large enough, they would be falling all over themselves to get there as quickly as humanly possible. Stupid dicks.

On a related note, a commenter over at a noted blogger‘s blog proposed:

“… a new paradigm in crowd estimates. I have noticed while the traditional method of counting people is using the old per square meter area estimate, this method does not count people leaving and arriving. For example if there are 250,000 people at a rally, even if the 250,000 goes home but 250,000 take their place, in totality there is in attendance in one time or another a total of 500,000 attendees. If the rotation of people is rapid, it is possible to have even three times the actual crowd, giving it a total of 750,000 people who attended in on time or another.”

I guess this works if attendance numbers are quoted simply and strictly to note how many people actually went. But the way things work in this beautiful country, attendance numbers are more often used as a gauge of support for whatever cause is being rally-ed about.

Take today, for instance. I know of several cliques of students from my school who went:

  1. To see actors;
  2. To see Ping Lacson (yes, he has fans!);
  3. To be able to write a paper on the event;
  4. To be able to write about it in, or take peechurs for, their blogs;
  5. Because they had nothing else to do;
  6. Because it seemed fun

and so on (some went for one reason or another, most went for a combination of reasons.) Only a handful of students actually went with their warpaint on. And that’s not even counting the hakot crowd.

I think the cops underestimated the crowds, but I think it’s also unfair to be indiscriminately misrepresenting attendance figures as a gauge for anything other than … well, attendance; whoever does the misrepresenting.

So. Where does all of this leave us? At status quo, I guess, wondering whether we’ve just witnessed the tip of the iceberg or if someone just dropped an ice cube.


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  1. BrianB says:

    It was no fun. There was a cordon around the intersection. It’s a good opportunity to pinch some celebrity tushy, though… just kidding.

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