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Puh-leeze. It might be an inter-faith rally in name, but in reality, this thing about to go down in makati won’t be marked by faith. It’ll be marked by political posturing. Like I’ve often said, there may be a core of true believers – people for whom this event will be about invoking God in all his many names – but their sincerity will be overshadowed by those whose only agenda is personal gain.

The Jojo Binay powerplay reported by Ernie Maceda was a dead give-away. Binay threated to pull his forces out of the rally unless the organizers allowed politicians to join the party. “Build your own stage,” he said. Naturally,  the vaunted Black & White movement compromised on their principles and buckled. If true, the apparently, B&W can compromise on principles too. Although I am sure this selling-out will be spun a million different ways from sunday.

Oh and, did you hear about this? Anti-GMA pins, headbands, and whatnot are being freely distributed. Maybe this is what the noted blogger meant when he said People Power should be organized and spontaneous. Or, more accurately I think, it should be well-organized and well-funded, but should also appear spontaneous so that the claim of popular democracy can be at least given lip-service to. It’s a shell-game is what it is.

Still, because truffles grow in the dirt, I will be watching this rally as closely as I can. I hope that at some point, someone there can provide a clear answer to all the shit we are undoubtedly in. An answer that contains not only hysterical motherhood statements but a clear and rational roadmap out.


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  1. shiro says:

    well, fine. i will share your optimism. in that crowd out there, may there be one person that make sense.

  2. mlq3 says:

    no. the agreement for the rally was that only two pols would speak: binay, as the mayor of the host city (which all organizations, even ceap etc agreed to, as protocol) and koko pimentel, concerning electoral fraud.

    jee and cca talking was not part of the program and once cory spoke protocol wouldn’t have permitted denying jee a voice. both as ex-presidents can’t be stopped.

    but you know everything and so it doesn’t matter telling you how close the whole thing fell apart precisely because of the uno powerplay.

  3. rom says:

    mlq3: good of you to clear that up. and no. i only wish i knew everything. so i really don’t mind if someone told me “how close the whole thing fell apart precisely because of the uno powerplay.” I’d be much obliged.

  4. mlq3 says:

    k. as you can imagine, quite cranky. yesterday (thurs.) was the bloody meeting where not just bnw, but ceap and dlsu had a showdown of sorts with uno. because the oldies were getting hurt that the ban on politicians from the previous rally was being upheld.

    the kids from the schools plus the nuns and a monsignor who wanted to do the right thing but was being terrorized by bishops, were aggressive but it would be impolitic of maceda to beat on them. so he beat on us, although the 2nd mtg i attended only had rc constantino venting for uno.

  5. rom says:

    mlq3: that’s ok. i understand the snarkiness … especially at almost 3 am. you must be bushed. i really do appreciate the explanation. i guess that explains manuel buencamino’s harsh reaction to maceda. please please please hold the line against pols. as i’m sure you know, at the ground level, they really turn people off.

  6. shiro says:

    wow sir, that must’ve been really difficult, managing all of those oldies who wanted to have their say (and of course, say nothing and just waste time). but it was good you were still able to hold them off.

    those old fogies the last things people wanna hear.

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