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… And from Tatooine

Not to be outdone by the bishops, evangelist Eddie Villanueva issues his call for a snap elections. Oh, come ON.

Didn’t he lose in 2004? I suppose it figures that he’s calling for a snap elections now (although its a fair bet that we can expect him to promise that he won’t run in the snaps once the re-match angle gets brought up).

But the funny part is that Eddie actually threatens Divine Retribution if no snaps are held.


And should Arroyo refuse to heed calls for snap elections, Villanueva said joining a popular uprising would be among their considerations.

Villanueva said he was also hoping for divine intervention.

“The Lord may effectuate that great possibility if the present President remains stubborn and refuses to heed calls,” said Villanueva.

“My desire is for them not to experience the wrath of God,” said Villanueva, adding that he hopes to continue “to educate and enlighten people that the Philippines is a democratic state.”

WOOT! As if God were actually glued to ANC like the rest of us benighted fools. LOL. When will political types stop invoking God for their own petty agendas? What about “thou shalt not take the name of the lord thy god in vain,” eh, Eddie? How about that?

And what’s up with the messianic fucking complex? His desire is for us not to experience the wrath of God? Bullshit. My desire is to kick you in the ass.


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2 Responses

  1. Ther is no reason to ever preserve nor respect this current government. It has reached zero level or morality and sincerity.

    Let us be like Rizal, Bonifacio, etc.

    Real Patriots and Reformers for Change and Righteousness.

    Open your mind.

  2. rom says:

    Andoni: welcome to the smoking room. Not to be argumentative or anything, but, why do politicians always talk like they have God in their corner? That’s what annoys me to hell and back. Your ‘hero’ is no different.

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