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The latest from Alderan

1. Condemn the continuing culture of corruption from the top to the bottom of our social and political ladder;

Would that include corruption in the Church as well?

2. Urge the President and all the branches of government to take the lead in combating corruption wherever it is found;

Can you say “motherhood statement?”

3. Recommend the abolition of EO 464 so that those who might have knowledge of any corruption in branches of government, may be free to testify before the appropriate investigating bodies;

Bullshit! Recommend that whoever knows something should have the balls to quit the Executive Department and go public with whatever they have to say. Then you don’t have to wait for that cold day in hell when EO 464 finally gets overturned.

4. Ask the President to allow her subordinates to reveal any corrupt acts, particularly about the ZTE-NBN deal, without being obstructed in their testimony no matter who is involved;

Where do these bishops live? On Fantasy Island?

5. Appeal to our senators and the ombudsman to use their distinct and different powers of inquiry into alleged corruption cases not for their own interests but for the common good;

No, wait. They don’t live on Fantasy Island – that would mean they live on this planet. These bishops must all live on Alderan or something if they think our Senators are capable of distinguishing between common good and self-interest.

6. Call on media to be a positive resource of seeking the truth and combating corruption by objective reporting without bias and partiality, selective and tendentious reporting of facts.

Which implies that media does report with “bias and partiality, selective and tendentious reporting of facts.” Watch out Red Hats! ABS CBN gonna slap you upside your little heads with lawsuits!

OMFG. Has there ever been a lamer CBCP pastoral letter?

This is such a masterpiece of bullshittery. I was actually hoping that the bishops would, among other things, call for an adherence to the principles of due process among the various investigators (Senate included) and a respect for those same principles among the kibitzers – especially kibitzers from the clergy (those La Sallian brothers included). I suppose I was looking for something more practical than mere motherhood statements that no one in his right mind would disagree with.

Hell, even a call for the resignation of Gloria would have been more palatable than this lukewarm vomit.


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8 Responses

  1. shiro says:

    Didn’t Alderaan get blown up by the Death Star in Episode IV?

    Give the Church a little credit. There’s not much you can do when your caught in a web of patronage. Heaven for bit the Empire withdrew all its considerable (read monetary) support of their cause.

    A more apt analogy for these f*in priests would perhaps be the sycophantic Imperial Senate on Coruscant, at the the height of Emperor Palpatine’s reign.

  2. cvj says:

    ‘So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth.’ – Revelations 3:16

  3. Jeg says:

    I liked it. They want to stay in the background and are leaving it up to us.

    Now if only some people could stop courting the military, then we’re on our way to a true empowered citizenry.

    (Some lawmaker should introduce a bill making it illegal for the military to be used in operations against Filipinos. Any order by a president directing the military to undertake operations against Filipino citizens is therefore an illegal order.)

  4. rom says:

    Jeg: no matter how strongly worded these things are, it is still “up to us.” I’ve read a lot of comments about people saying that the bishops are letting us take the lead – well, the lead has always been with us. It’s us that keeps giving them the mantle of leadership.

  5. Jeg says:

    It’s us that keeps giving them the mantle of leadership.

    Which I guess would explain why you seem upset by the bishops’ statement as if youre expecting more from them in terms of leadership if only for the purpose of directing their flock to respect the processes in place. At least they were specific on their stand on EO 464.

    The general impression is that they have a field of expertise, just like we would give lawyers the mantle of leadership on matter legal, and scientists the mantle of leadership on matters scientific. If the bishops were effective in their role, then we could supposedly on our own discern whether something is good or evil. Apparently, that is the position they have taken; that the present crisis isnt all that morally ambiguous.

  6. rom says:

    jeg: actually, i was hoping they would exercise leadership over their ranks, more than their flock. it’s been a long time since that flock has heeded the call of their shepherds.

  7. shiro says:

    jeg: and yet EO464 is largely impotent. Claiming Executive Privilege is the in-thing for the “evil set”. so where does that leave them?

  8. UP n student says:

    A reason that the CBCP pronouncement is the way it is, is that the pronouncement was written by a committee

    Click here for results of an ABS-cbnnews story based on interviews:

    e.g. (i) the CBCP stressed that while corruption in government continues to be a nagging concern, the bishops said it was “by no means universal as far as the entirety of our people is concerned.” …. that the general concern of most people is livelihood.

    (ii) the “consensus” among the bishops is that graft and corruption allegations against the President were not backed by evidence and based only on hearsay. … that other bishops shared the sentiment that Lozada had not presented any evidence to support his claim

    (iii) many of the bishops from Mindanao, who are more or less sympathetic to the President’s plight, outnumbered those from Luzon who are either critical or neutral on the political situation.

    (iv) The bishops also refused to categorically say whether the pastoral statement last Tuesday was an indication that they wanted the President to finish her term. “That is a political question and we are not competent to dwell on that,” they said.

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