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The Republic of Pundits

Face it: the opening years of this century belong to the blogger. From bed rooms and living rooms and wherever else we might happen to be around the world, we share our thoughts with the rest of wired humanity.

Here at home, the blogging community has been growing by leaps and bounds over the last couple of years fueled by strong opinions about the government. Citizens both living here and abroad have weighed in with their thoughts in what may be the last truly free marketplace of ideas: the internet.

Reading the writings of these bloggers gives a fairly coherent picture of the zeitgeist. This is how we think. There are many conflicts of ideas – some spawning heated exchanges like individual duels in the context of a greater battle – but the over-all sense of the conversation is clear enough: we all have something important to say about how things are and how things ought to be.

But so far, these bloggers have been largely islands unto themselves. While there are a handful of blogs that have become centers of gravity for others, there is no one site where a person can go to immerse herself in the writings of her peers and, if she wanted, to contribute to that body of work.

republic.jpg And that is why I started the Republic of Pundits.

I think of individual bloggers as streams of thought. I think of the Republic as a river where all these streams meet and rush to join the ocean. There is no central theme, other than that we are all talking about politics and the country and what’s going on in it; there is no norm of thought and all opinions are respected; there are no trolls – not because there are no troll-like persons, but because the Republic does not believe in labels and, as they say in the playground – ang mapikon, talo; and there are no personalities: no one’s opinion will be considered more authoritative simply because of who she is.

If that floats your boat come join the Republic, citizen.


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