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Here’s an interesting thing. Erwin Santos goes on air and starts tearfully – yep, tearfully, just like his former boss Lozada – recounting all the corruption Lozada instigated or was party to during his stint at Philforest.

Even more interesting are the reactions of senators who are supposedly objective in their treatment of Lozada:

Pimentel –

Senate Minority Leader Aquilino Pimentel Jr. also found Santos, a former community organizer and now officer-in-charge of PFC, a “paid” witness and a  “lousy actor obviously unleashed as an attack dog by the Palace.”

“I don’t think Lozada was paid but this one, my God. Even if he (Santos) did not accept money but he is occupying a public position in place of Lozada, that makes him a paid witness to some extent,” Pimentel said.

“I don’t think (his performance) will win an Oscar,” Pimentel said, adding Santos’ testimony was “stage-managed.”

And he hasn’t even had a chance to actually grill the man. On what basis is he dismissing Santos?

Cayetano (the much much lesser) –

Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, chairman of the Senate Blue Ribbon committee, said there is no reason to invite Santos to testify at the Senate.

Cayetano and Pimentel expressed belief that Santos’ statements would not discredit Lozada.

Pimentel noted that Santos’ “emotional” testimony was aired only on government television stations, a big sign of desperation on the part of the administration.

“Lozada never said he was a saint. He said he could and was willing to answer charges of wrongdoing. But so far his testimony was consistent,” Cayetano said.

Cayetano said Santos’ coming out was “an obvious move to distract the Senate.”

Right. And I suppose Cayetano has greater basis than Pimentel did.  There is a word to describe the way these gentlemen play fast and loose with bestowing credibility on a person: cavalier.

Pimentel adds:

“You can see it right away, if it was an honest-to-goodness exposé, there should have been a lot of media people like a regular press conference,” Pimentel said.

What bullshit.  Since when has the number of media people covering the event ever been a gauge of the authenticity of an expose.

Pimentel then wraps up:

“If he has a case to file against Lozada, then just do it. But don’t tell me that only because he is saying Lozada also has many sins he (Santos) is entitled to be heard, I don’t think so. He has to show that the (pieces of) evidence given by Lozada were not true,” Pimentel said.

Ehrm. Isn’t that the challenge against Lozada from day one? And yet it has taken that joker (no relation, I’m sure) more than a week to actually man up and file his case. As for the evidence given by Lozada? What evidence. To date, Lozada has given only stories of what he says happened. That’s not evidence. Yet when someone opposed also gives stories (that isn’t evidence either), he suddenly has to “show” something to back his statements up? Crap!

As Shakespeare said, “o judgement, thou art fled to brutish beasts.”


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4 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    This is an interesting article for more articles like this check out E Advice Me

  2. puk3mabaho says:


  3. thewordwarlock says:

    this only goes to show that senators are still politicians. the senate hearing after all is a political exercise. but we can’t do anything about it because the law mandates the senate to practice its oversight powers over the ZTE deal. this is where congress practices its “check-and-balance” function as opposed to the executive branch. Santos should take his testimonies to court if he wants a non-political forum.

  4. martin says:

    All these political circus makes the whole world laugh on us!

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