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Much ado about nothing

So he called her a bitch. So the fuck what? It was funny as all hell – watching him squirm like that – but c’mon. It isn’t quite on the same level as Neri calling the prez evil (i suspect with a capital “E”).

Joey Salceda is a typical young (or not so young) turk who throws these Americanisms around. Like Nereus Acosta said, it would be over-reacting to actually take offense at that. In fact, I kinda think that the President may have found that funny. Remember the way she spun Gloria Labandera? Well, she’s prolly thinking, “yeah man, I’m a bitch, but I’m your boss-bitch. So suck it.”

Seriously, even Joey Salceda’s reaction was soooo theater. He was hamming it up there, milking the alleged slip-of-the-tongue for all it was worth. The fact is, put-downs of the boss are a common presentation tool. It gets the crowd on your side and provides welcome relief from all the propaganda information you’ve been spouting.

And besides, apologizing to the president via text messages? No way would he do that if he was really in hot water.


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2 Responses

  1. BrianB says:

    Sorry to cross-post )probably more related to the video before this).

    Wiretapping on the cheap:

  2. Carl says:

    I’ve heard Joey Salceda delivering a speech two years ago and calling her boss names was a running gag he employed to humor the audience. He called her “Boss”, “That Woman”, “Si Pandak”, “Maam” (delivered with a satirical twist as a man would report to a feared wife). It was hilarious.

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