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People Power

I’ve been thinking of people power a lot lately. No doubt because of the ruckus currently going on, and definitely because of Lagdameo‘s call for a different kind of people power.

Obviously, he thinks that EDSA 2 was a failure. I agree. But does his call for a different ‘brand’ mean a repudiation of regime change via street action? Reading him, I am tempted to say that we should take him at his word.

You see, he says it’s time for a new “brand;” not a new “kind.”  A new brand means the same thing, but in a different package. Just as Coke and Pepsi are different brands of the same kind of thing: dark, cola-flavored soda. Just as frontier justice is a ‘brand’ of justice decidedly differing from, say ‘social justice.’

Whereas, Coke and Sprite are not just different brands of soda, they are also different kinds: one is dark and cola flavored, the other is clear and perhaps lime flavored. They’re still the same phylum, but of different genuses.  Similarly, there is a great distinction between ‘civil law’ and ‘common law;’ both are systems  of law, but of very different kinds.

SO, when Lagdameo speaks of a different brand of People Power, I think he means the same thing – street action – but of a different look and flavor.

I think what he means is this: Both EDSA and its reincarnation were motivated not so much by the desire for true change, but by the desire to get rid of someone. You notice that he makes much of the expectation that re-doing the EDSA (with which he was clearly satisfied) would bring the same result (as it turned out, the actual result has disappointed him deeply). So, the new brand of People Power must be motivated by something else:

If, according to collective discernment which can occur in unpredictable ways, the communal action is People Power, it will have to be with a different “brand.” It will not be simply a repeat of the past. What brand will it have? What is God through the signs of the times telling us? The movements of some groups for a National Campaign Against Corruption in the government may be a sign.

Imagine, with just one courageous person willing to witness to the TRUTH, some good things are already starting to happen, like the exposition of other scams, lies, deceits, “moderate and immoderate greed.” We hope and encourage that other courageous and inspired persons will emerge to tell or expose or humbly face the truth, whose concealment had made our country captive to corruption and greed of powerholders? There will be a convergence of bearers of truths saving our country.

Today, what is God telling us about expressing our highest sense of the national common good? This is the question that must be answered in all honesty, no matter how painful, by Church leaders and Church people, by civil society, the military and police, by our congressmen and barangay leaders, by our Senators, above all by the residents of Malacañang.

That now, the motivation for people power should not be simply to remove an unbearable leader but to truly overhaul government; that the coming together of people should not be fueled by mere outrage but by the “convergence of bearers of truth” laying bare all that is wrong with government.


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4 Responses

  1. i think, more than anything, it’s a call for more people a la jun lozada, i.e. whistleblowers, bearers of truth re the nbn-zte deal, to come forward and with the support of the people unseat a corrupt government. street action, surely, and not necessarily in edsa.

  2. BrianB says:

    What we need is a people’s manifesto. Agree?

  3. rom says:


  4. shiro says:

    hmmm… will everyone accept this state of affairs? the government insists there’s nothing wrong. so do parts of the population. to wit:

    Blindness can take many forms other than the inability to see. Fanatics are often blinded in their thoughts. Leaders are often blinded in their hearts.

    This time around, will people take of the blinders and see what deep hole this country has dug itself in? That we may truly work together to dig our way out?

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