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Patriotic Fund

Please please please tell me that it isn’t okay to offer money to someone to testify against the government. Patriotic Fund is an oxymoron because a patriot does something for love of country, whether or not he has a golden parachute. Someone who does it for money is called a mercenary (pronounced merce-neri. LOL) . I imagine Neri would be capable of asking for something like that, but that isn’t really the point. The point is, if Neri was offered that and for whatever reason he refused, does it not follow that Lozada might have been offered that as well? And if Lozada did take the money, is it not possible that his constant stream of new revelations could be an attempt to earn his keep?

It is no longer enough, I think, to dismissively say that “we know he is not a saint.” I think it is time to seriously consider finding out if he is a man … a con man, that is.

Lozada is poor? Apparently not poor enough not to spring for dinner for two senators at the bistro of the Asian Institute of Management.

“We are friends and we help each other. This is very difficult,” Lozada said, adding he was even the one who paid for the dinner.

Maybe now his drum beaters can stop peddling that line about him being a simple man and the implication that he is somehow a victim in all of this.

He was, first of all, a willing participant in all the corruption he now denounces; And he did cast about for help to avoid having to testify before the Senate (whether that was because he didn’t want to lie – strange for someone in the corruption business – or because he didn’t want to ruin his reputation is really a matter of faith).

The way I see it, Lozada saw himself about to be checkmated. If he kept his mouth shut, the Senate’s persistence would eventually ruin him in the circles in which he moved. If he squealed, he would be ruined too. The only way out was to cast his lot with the people who wanted badly to boot Gloria by becoming the victim. He figured that people, already sufficiently agitated, would embrace him and provide him a soft landing when he finally bit the hand that he had drooled over when it was feeding him. He would fall out of favor with the clique in power, only to land in the perfumed lap of the clique that would come to power in 2 years anyway (after the debacle of 2007, did anyone really seriously think that any candidate endorsed by GMA would survive 2010?). And, he could even help cut that waiting time down to a few months if he made his story good enough. For all the CSI buffs out there, there’s your motive right there.


Supreme irony: a Council for Moral Revolution led by politicians. Not even a token SC justice can erase the absurdity of an “apolitical group … led by Joe de Venecia and Manny Villar.” That’s like saying when two rats boink with a cat watching, the babies will all come out doves.


Killer instinct. It’s that subconscious determination in all of us to go pedal to the metal when we sense an imminent victory. It is that rush of adrenalin that courses through our blood, blinding us to all danger and consequence in the heat of our zeal to finally deal the fatal blow. That is where we are now. We smell the end of the government from the pronouncements of the self declared savior of the Filipino soul; we can almost taste it, and the taste is driving us wild, goading us to the conclusion we feel inevitable. In the process, we undermine everything we have built. It’s like we’re so excited about killing all the rats that we don’t care anymore if we burn the house down to get them all.

There has to be a better way than this.


I once said I thought Lozada was telling the truth. I still do. Just as I think he still has to prove me right in believing in his stories and the tantalizing conclusions we can draw from them. There are far too many grifters and charlatans out there for us to start taking him on his word alone. There’s too much at stake and too little to gain from starting yet another bonfire of the vanities.


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4 Responses

  1. cvjugo says:

    So the abduction was part of the con?

  2. Jeg says:

    Naka! Andami nang sasagutin ni Neri.

    Sino’ng nag-offer ng ‘patriotic fund’?

    “Executive privilege, po. Sorry.”

  3. rom says:

    cvj: ah, but was it actually an abduction?

  4. shiro says:

    see? the above statement i think just sums it all for me as well. let us not be too quick to believe this Lozada guy. he may be telling the truth, but there more to it than just “coming clean”. Lozada is waiting for something, else he would’ve spilled the beans already.

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