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How stupid is it for Ermita to be calling for an investigation of Lozada “to prove that there are no sacred cows?” Wake up, you greasy haired organ-grinder! The biggest sacred cow is the president herself. Bitch.

I hate it when you people make it so easy for the rest of us to hate you. Seriously. The only reason I haven’t yet surrendered to the siren call of just demanding the President’s resignation is that I see no good resulting from her quitting the post. The way I see it, a resignation now only satisfies the hunger for poetic justice – and for a lot of people, the banal satisfaction of having been able to hound a president out of office and in the process, getting a shot at grabbing power two years early.

Consider the only possible immediate outcome if Gloria were to resign this very minute (as a Valentine’s day present to all her haters, LOL!): Noli steps into her shoes. This is reality. Just as it is reality that Noli is not bloody likely to form a coalition government composed of all the power hungry oppositionists just itching to have their turn at the reins. These folks will, as in 2001, remain shut-out from the Palace. There probably won’t even be a honeymoon for Noli as these anti-Gloria cadres will most likely just shift the focus of their quit-calls from Gloria to Noli.

Gloria, if she’s stupid enough to remain in the country after resigning, will face a truckload of lawsuits: everything from complicity in the extra-judicial killings to plunder. But even that won’t heal the nation. Estrada’s ouster didn’t do that, what makes people think giving Gloria the boot will?

Noli won’t even be a strong President since most everyone will insist that he hold power only as a transitional figure. He’ll be forced into a position where all he will be allowed to do is maintain the status quo. There will be calls for him to not run for Prez in 2010 (to come, most likely, from those who intend to be presidential candidates themselves and who would love it if at least one potential rival is removed from the game early on).

Will Glo’s departure boost the economy? Not likely. Other countries will simply see how a President with an incipient economic turnaround under her belt was stampeded out of office on the basis of unsubstantiated allegations of wrong-doing by those around her. Remember that nothing that has been said so far can actually be laid on her shoulders. She is guilty only by association and the assumption that these jokers around her act with her presumed complicity. In such a political environment, large-scale investments become risky business and the market will probably be adversely affected.

(Incidentally, I just heard someone say things like she should be considered guilty of the acts of her department secretaries who are her alter-egos; and that this is supposedly what command responsibility means. Bull shit. The person who said these things either does not understand the doctrine of qualified agency or has taken it too literally.)

Gloria’s sudden departure will not result in extra-judicial killers suddenly surfacing belly-up. If anything, these goons will run to ground. People like Atienza, Esperon, Razon will stay in power. After all, the new President will remain an admin stalwart since if he flips to the other side, his new loyalties will force him to resign. Too many of the opposition powers that be distrust him; when Gloria flipped and came to power, there were enough people willing to gamble on her. Noli doesn’t have that core constituency outside the current crop of admin flunkies. If he abandons them, he abandons his power base and his new best friends will not give it back to him.

Over all, too little will be changed by a Gloria resignation; and the potential for economic disruption is too great to ignore. So, I don’t think resignation is a viable solution. Unless it is proven that her cronies have abused power, and that they did so with her consent. No, we don’t have to convict her to remove her, but removing her without totally obliterating any possible source of lingering legitimacy (kinda like in Estrada’s case) will only doom the country to repeating the last seven years with only minor changes in the roles played by the various dramatis personae.

The only way to ensure that she is finally and fatally stripped of all legitimacy is to convict those who can be convicted and in so doing link her clearly and unequivocally to their guilt. There are more ways than one to skin a cat. If she can’t be convicted, then convict those who derived their authority from her and show that she allowed the abuse to happen. That will work just as well.


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12 Responses

  1. cvj says:

    “Remember that nothing that has been said so far can actually be laid on her shoulders.”

    Hello Garci?

  2. rom says:

    cvj: the operative word is “actually.”

  3. cvj says:

    By ‘actually’, i suppose you mean sanction via the legal process, because for me, that word is taken to mean correspondence with reality.

  4. shiro says:


    well, if you look at “hello garci”, all you got is her talking on the phone with an elections official. impeachable grounds sure (and she did admit doing it), but its not gonna happen with the lapdog House of Representatives and people who just love to file spurious complaints.

    hello garci is spicy at best, but you gotta have something more… meaty, to really give her the boot.

  5. rom says:

    cvj: we all know gloria can’t actually be sanctioned yet. by ‘actually’ i mean her complicity in election rigging should be proven by evidence. like i wrote, this can be done by actually convicting someone who can be convicted, and in the process demonstrate a clear and unequivocal link to her. and yes, actually does mean ‘in reality.’ so, in what reality has there been a clear and unequivocal demonstration of gloria’s guilt via the garci tapes?

  6. cvj says:

    ‘Sanctioning’ is just a formality. If you listen to the tapes, the reality that Gloria cheated is on the same level as the fact that the earth revolves around the sun.

  7. cvj says:

    …and i’m speaking as someone who waited in line 3 hours (twice) just to vote for her.

  8. shiro says:

    didn’t the SC lift the gag order on the tapes already? are they on youtube or something?

  9. cvj says:

    Shiro, the tapes have been in PCIJ –

  10. rom says:

    cvj: So what if you believed in Gloria with all your heart? Does that mean that your change of heart (after having given her the full benefit of the doubt) is proof that she is guilty? just because you feel that Gloria betrayed you doesn’t make simply listening to the tapes enough to conclude that “the reality that Gloria cheated is on the same level as the fact that the earth revolves around the sun.” Well, maybe it does for you, but that’s your call.

  11. cvj says:

    Rom, i did not present my ‘change of heart’ as ‘proof’ that she is guilty. We have the tapes, as well as her subsequent actions (and that of her family and allies) for that. What my change of mind (and eventually of heart) does say is that the weight of the tapes as evidence is enough to change the mind of an Arroyo supporter provided that person values the truth and uses the scientific method. I do not let legalisms or issues of process get in the way.

  12. rom says:


    I do not let legalisms or issues of process get in the way.

    Well, there you go.

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