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Free-fall in Wack Wack

It looked like the place was under siege. A lot of the members were mightily pissed at what they felt was an invasion of their privacy. I guess that feeling rubbed off on the waiters too, because most of them were loath to even point out that he was on the links.

I only saw him once – coming up on mid morning – he was on the grass, talking on one cellphone and trying to read a message on another. He cut a very lonely figure out there, for all that the world was practically swirling around him and what they say he’d done. Those who saw him at other times today pretty much describe him as being his usual self. A bit ragged around the edges and a little more impatient than on most days, but for the most part still beaming at everyone despite getting only half-hearted smiles in return. No one seemed to want to acknowledge him or actually say his name. It was almost like he was being shunned and he didn’t even know it.

But I’m sure he did.

Now, they’re saying that these latest revelations about the ZTE deal will bring the Arroyo government to its knees. That may very well be, regardless of who is actually telling the truth. And that’s where the supreme irony is.

From what I’ve heard around here, he’s been pegged as the fall guy from day one. He was the one with iron-clad immunity. The way the thinking went, no politician would dare try to impeach him. After all, hadn’t Namfrel’s attempt to impeach another Commissioner fall flat on its face? No one actually thought that the fall guy would fall. But now,  he is definitely in free-fall, and far from protecting anyone, he might end up dragging everyone down with him. It’s kinda like having a loaded gun for protection only to end up shooting yourself in the head with it.


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4 Responses

  1. cvj says:

    An insightful piece of blogger journalism!

  2. shiro says:

    nice piece. you were there?

  3. shiro says:

    always nice get the skinny from a wack-wack insider. thanks ^^

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