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Good things

Good things happen even in the worst of circumstances. My long-dead grandfather said that. Or at least, I think I remember that he did. Oh well.

The good thing about JDV being unseated (undoubtedly the worst of circumstances for him; the jury is still out, on the other hand, whether that was the worst of circumstances for the rest of us) is that the opposition now has no excuse for not going after GMA the right way. Or to put it differently, the opposition now has a witness who is credible – since most of his testimony will undoubtedly be ‘declarations against self-interest’ – and famous popular  well-known enough that he prolly won’t be easily intimidated.  Unless they do a Lozada on him, but that’s unlikely; no one can be that stupid.

For one thing, JDV can start with blowing the whistle on the 2004 elections and finally shed some light on Garcillano. Remember how, when Garcillano declared that he would name names, everyone seemed to lose interest in continuing any investigation? LOL! Well, with his political career not exactly having rosy prospects and him apparently being willing to admit his guilt for the sake of pointing out the guilt of others, JDV is better suited than most to pursue a scorched earth policy and just call Garcillano’s bluff. If he does that, and he actually reveals something of consequence, why that would be the most glorious political resurrection in recent history. Or should I say image rehabilitation? LOL.

But seriously, he should really follow through on the teaser he blurted out yesterday. Otherwise, he’ll just add more insinuations and unsubstantiated allegations into the already very murky waters of public opinion. Of course, if you’re one of those who would love to see GMA go at any cost, adding more vitriol to the stew won’t be objectionable at all. Given the current atmosphere of GMA-hatred, I’m actually surprised no one has accused her of cannibalism yet.


Neri got a reprieve, apparently, when the SC issued a status quo ante order, pending oral arguments. Titty-twisting deferred ladies and gents.


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  1. shiro says:

    what i find amusing is how media outfits love to talk to that rabid nincompoop Raul Gonzalez. he never seems to run out of controversial-sounding sound bites that merely underscore how out of touch he is reality.

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