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Run Neri, Run

Neri went to the SC, asking those big black robes to tell ’em bullies at the Senate to lay off ‘im. Funny that. Let’s see if this ends the love-fest between the Senate and those legislator-wannabees on Padre Faura.

Unfortunately, maybe it won’t. More likely than not, the SC will just throw Neri back to the wolves. After all, it has already shown itself not to be comfortable with the idea of executive privilege, and that’s basically what Neri is invoking.

But I don’t get Neri. All this hoopla could have been avoided if he hadn’t opened his big trap to begin with. He could’ve invoked the privilege much earlier – more precisely, he should have invoked it (since he was going to invoke it later on anyway) BEFORE he hinted that all was not well with ZTE. But the minute he opened his mouth and let loose that stream of insinuations and implications, he should have realized that he had whetted the wolves’ appetites and that they would not rest til they had heard the rest of it. It’s like coitus fuckin’ interruptus!

Out here in the real world, Neri would be called a cock-tease. And a cock-tease always runs the risk of getting raped. Which is, fundamentally, what this Senate arrest order is: a prelude to the ‘rape’ of Neri.

Methinks he should really just own up. He can’t have the best of both worlds. He can’t point the bloodhounds in the direction of his patroness and then refuse to identify which foxhole she’d squirmed into. That’s ridiculous.

He should be arrested and have his nipples twisted til he cries uncle!


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2 Responses

  1. har har! coitus fuckin’ interruptus indeed! he should be arrested and his nipples twisted til he cries auntie!

  2. shiro says:

    reh, i’d gladly join any manhunt to help bring that little weasel in.

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