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The thing that bugs me about this whole impeach-JDV unseat-JDV brouhaha is the very obvious horse-trading going on. A noted blogger says its a case of JDV backing off from delivering a damaging (to the prez) privilege speech in exchange for impeachment moves to unseat him being ramped down. And then, citing a news report, he writes:

In the end, the President apparently told her sons to back off on condition the Speaker did the same thing with his son

The Prez doing that is perfectly in character, so no surprise there. In fact, that JDV would acquiesce to such a trade-off is no great shock either. He is the consummate politician of whom it has been said that he has four faces: one for every direction he happens to be facing at the moment. What bothers me is the opposition.

If the opposition is as dedicated to finding out the truth as it says it is, does it not follow that it should pursue that truth regardless of who gets run-over? This is pretty much the posture they’re adopting towards ‘witnesses’ who happen to be on the other side of the divide; why not adopt the same posture towards JDV? why not nail JDV to the wall for so obviously hiding information damaging to GMA?

Most likely, it is because they fear a Villafuerte-speakership even more than they value the truth. But then again, if the truth is as explosive as they’ve been insinuating for the past year, then a Villafuerte-speakership would not really matter. If by sacrificing JDV, they acquire the great truth that will finally check-mate GMA, then it would all have been worth it and Villafuerte – yet another dyed-in-the-wool politico – would abandon GMA just as quickly as all the other rats.

Could it be, then, that they know there is no ‘great truth’ being hidden away? Just like that dud ‘second envelope,’ could they be thinking that Joey de Venecia’s further testimony is all hype and no heft?

Maybe it’s all really simple and I’m just not getting it.


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  1. mlq3 says:

    it’s not an impeachment. the leadership of both chambers of congress is decided on a simple motion to declare the leadership positions vacant, and then a vote is taken.

  2. rom says:

    mlq3:thanks for the clarification. i’m actually pretty embarrassed *blush* because I know the difference. it was truly sloppy writing. sorry.

  3. myepinoy says:

    Having been inside or under of the mom president’s skirt, I doubt if JDV will back out.

    Knowing what is inside that president’s skirt, JDV, I guess has something to grind against the president. Ano sa palagay mo ang nakita ni JDV sa ilalim ng skirt ni president? Just asking.

  4. […] the blogosphere, smoke has a bone to pick with the opposition concerning the speakership fight; and Uniffors advises […]

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