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Top 10 Policy Areas

Top 10 Policy Areas Politicians Should Prepare Platforms For.

10. Foreign Policy – With ASEAN finally coming up with a charter and trying to transition from talking club to regional-force-to-be-reckoned-with, what role will the Philippines play?

9. Crime – How will the next President bring down crime? Not just high visibility crimes like corruption, but street level crimes as well.

8. Tourism – We’ve all heard about how beautiful the Philippines is, right? We talk of Mayon, and the Rice Terraces, and the beaches. But have you ever tried to get to those places? How can we inspire tourism when the tourism infrastructure doesn’t seem to be there? Or in those places where there is infrastructure, it’s incredibly inadequate. Attracting tourists is only half of the game. The next Prez should have a credible plan to make sure we keep the tourists coming back.

7. Employment – My thinking is that it’s time to ramp down the campaign to get people to go OFW. Heck, it’s time to make it more profitable for them to stay here. Does the next Prez have a plan to do that? Or does he have an alternative plan? Take outsourcing jobs, for instance. That’s a dead end. That ties us down to just providing labor when we should be looking for a strategy to make the transition to production and industrialization.

6. The Environment – This is a crucial aspect of government: safeguarding the natural resources we have so that we can get what we need without compromising future generations’ ability to get that they need from Ma Nature.

5. Campaign finance reform – Everyone talks about how screwed up our electoral system is and by default, everyone points to automation and the COMELEC. These are crucial issues, to be certain, but even more important is what we can do to change the rules of the game itself, rather than just dealing with the referees. Campaign finance reform has the potential to minimize the impact of money on the campaign, as in if we give candidates enough money to campaign, they won’t be so beholden to vested interests and so on.

4. Technology – This you absolutely cannot ignore. With the NBN-ZTE deal effectively dead for months now, we still haven’t heard of a creditable alternative, except to say ‘leave it to the private sector.’ I think we should move beyond that and seek to develop government’s capability to run its own network. Beyond that, we still have a long way to go towards developing a truly functional e-government, and a significant e-commerce driven market.

3. Healthcare – Every Filipino deserves more healthcare than he’s getting now, which is …. practically nothing. The Philhealth card seems to be a good step in the right direction, but as we saw earlier this year, it’s a system still prone to abuse.

2. Education – No books, no classrooms, no facilities, teachers who can’t spell past high-school level, and d risng nfluens f d txt cultre ol cntrbut 2 d dgnrtn f filipino intelligence. Oh and include the upsurge of tv soap operas, demeaning game shows, idiotic local reality shows, and fantasy series that exhort: watch na u! All these degenerative influences must be counter acted by a strong educational philosophy and policy. Will the next president have what it takes?

1. Regional Development and Devolution of Powers – I would vote blindfolded for any candidate who can present a workable solution that, in the 6-years of his term, would see regional governments being strengthened, the mechanisms of transparency and accountability in those regional governments institutionalized, and many of the powers now exercised solely from Manila devolved to the regions, with Manila retaining only a very well-defined range of powers. If this comes through Constitutional Amendment, well, ok. If not, then even better.

*This is a reposting, as suggested by cvj.


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  1. The mass media definitely has a role in shaping the minds and intellects of our people. All the things you mentioned about education affect us in more ways than one and we need to be concerned. One good thing that’s on TV these days is the karaoke channel. I think karaoke helps promote better English language skills hehe 😉

  2. rom says:

    lester: welcome to the smoking room! i can only hope that more filipinos think as you do, and recognize that mass media isn’t just harmless entertainment. 🙂 I visited your blog – luv the design! – and thoroughly enjoyed mesself. consider yourself invited to come back as often as you want. we have some nice conversations here once in a while. 😀

  3. […] vis-a-vis the Yellow Queen? Either way, thing totally (incoming shameless plug!!!) validates my earlier observation that foreign policy – specifically ASEAN policy – is something that all the presidential wannabees […]

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