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Much ado about nothing

Man, that Gonzales sure knows how to stir up a hornet’s nest, doesn’t he? I’ve been holding off writing about that advisory of his, knowing that I would really just be in opposition to the inevitable reaction of media. But as most media has been dragging it out and Ping Lacson has already sounded off about it anyway, I thought I’d get my licks in before the whole thing gets too stale.

First off, the wording of the advisory is pretty clear. Media people will be criminally charged if they refuse to obey lawful orders. Dispose of all the legalese and rationalization bullshit, that’s basically what it says. If you refuse to obey lawful orders, be ready to face the consequences.

But now come the media and all the international busy-bodies claiming chilling effect. Excuse me? When has it been unduly chilling on any profession to be told that if they violate the law or disobey the lawful order of a person in authority there will be consequences?

So basically, when they ask Gonzales to retract, what they’re asking for is that they not be reminded that disobeying lawful orders will lead to criminal prosecution. More to the point, I think, is that they’re reserving their right to use their own discretion in whether to obey lawful orders. Wow. That’s a great deal! We should all be so lucky. Then we won’t have to worry about pesky red lights and one way street signs.


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3 Responses

  1. shiro says:

    these “mediamen” are all a bunch of whining peacocks anyway. they’re just pissed that now all their vacuous grandstanding may just lead them to jail.

    and with that rabid dog at the head of the DOJ, I wouldn’t put it past him to rough up a couple of media men who stray a bit too far with their antics.

    as for the international groups, er, have they seen Philippine media lately? sheesh, just leave your self-righteous indignation at the door, already will ya?

  2. shiro says:

    oops. is defaulting to my profile name here. anyway, you do know who this is, yeah? 😉

  3. rom says:

    shiro: of course rom knows you, shiro-kun

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