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2 vs 7

Statement of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp. on GMA Network’s motion for TRO

GMA-7 has filed with the Regional Trial Court an application for a temporary restraining order to stop ABS-CBN from airing any news report that implicates GMA in the manipulation of TV ratings in Bacolod. The application was filed in the complaint for libel filed where GMA alleged that ABS-CBN lied and maliciously reported that GMA was identified by AGB as the network involved in the ratings manipulation.

The people have a right to know and, as a news organization, ABS-CBN has a right and responsibility to deliver the news. GMA’s application for a temporary restraining order to stop news reporting on the issue on cheating in the ratings is an attempt to stifle the freedom of the press. This is unconstitutional. ABS-CBN will fight and stand up for its right to deliver the news and for the right of the people to know the truth.’

Here we go again with the freedom of the press. I think equal protection of laws and due process – in the sense that Judges cannot be subjected to a barrage of extra-judicial influences that might cause them to lose their impartiality – trumps ABS’ “right and responsibility to deliver the news.” In fact, their constant avowals of innocence and their repeated use of that clip of Maya Reforma slamming GMA smacks of unethical behavior. If they believe that they are in the right, shouldn’t they just trust the Courts to vindicate them in the end, instead of whipping up public opinion against GMA?

Besides, if our witnesses are not afraid to come out and declare the truth, why should we be?

Whether the witnesses spoke the truth or not has yet to be decided. That’s what the Courts are there for.

ABS-CBN has a responsibility to the many witnesses who have come forward to tell the truth. These are ordinary people with livelihoods to keep and mouths to feed but they had the courage to come out and admit their role in a network’s efforts to cheat in the ratings. They have no vested interests in this, but their values and deep sense of right and wrong compel them to come clean.

To say that the witnesses have no vested interest is a stretch. Witnesses only swear to tell the truth, not why they decided to do so. It is very much within the realm of possibility that these witnesses are being recompensed for their declarations. It would not be the first time truth was monetized.

We will do everything we can to make sure our witnesses are not silenced and that the public eventually gets the whole uncensored truth.

Again, shouldn’t ABS CBN respect the sanctity of the judicial process? After all, just because witnesses are not paraded endlessly on teevee and radio doesn’t mean they are silenced. All it means is that they are being compelled to stay in the proper forum – a necessity if the truth is to be discovered in an impartial, rather than hysterical, way.


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9 Responses

  1. tonio says:

    where does freedom of speech equate itself to freedom to be unbearably tactless and unprofessional?

    i wonder…

  2. rom says:

    tonio:just a suggestion, luv. could you try leaving the website field on the comment form blank? maybe that’s why you keep getting netted by akismet.

  3. marlboroman says:

    I fully agree with your post. Moreover, it is possible that ABS-CBN, by issuing this statement, violated the sub judice principle, and may (should?) be held in contempt of court.

  4. rom says:

    marlboroman: welcome back, mm.

  5. tonio says:

    had an even more interesting solution. voila! 🙂

  6. marlboroman says:

    rom: thanks, Mei mei. 🙂

  7. aning says:

    ABS-CBN can do all the HOKUS-POKUS to pull GMA7 down….that’s normal.They’re just showing the CRAB MENTALITY …..Ayaw nila ng nasasapawan sila. No wonder! They can even pay life! Remember the stampede? So, binabawi lang yan ng Meralco… ng iba pa…..totoo ba ito, Lopez?

  8. rom says:

    aning: i hear you, darling. In fact, I’ve heard that members of the family have, in the past, been guilty of such unethical practices as faking news stories. GASP! If they can do that with the holy grail of their profession, how much easier would it be to monkey with ratings and then blame someone else? just asking, uncles!

  9. shiro says:

    just goes to show that the drama continues even outside the studio. filipinos soooo love their drama.

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