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Kevin’s Mar-lurve

Heh. And I thought I was early. Kevin Ray Chua totally beat me to the punch, bitchez. Check out his Mar Roxas fan site! You have got to admire this fella. Only 17 and he’s already blazing the way in terms of campaigning on the intertubes. Comelec had better sit up and take notice of this dude. I mean, as far as I know, campaigning over the net isn’t covered by that anachronism – the Fair Elections Act.

Now me, I’m no Roxas groupie. In fact, I’ve said some mighty unflattering things about him. But that doesn’t mean he’s not an option. Like I’ve always said, everyone gets to make her own decision. And Kevin Ray’s site is as good a place as any – and better than most – to start making that decision.


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  1. Wooh! Actually, it’s not an election campaign blog for NOW, but more on drafting Sen. Roxas to run for President in 2010. The title “Mar Roxas for President in 2010” may seem an election campaign title, but the purpose of the blog is “dedicated to the people who want to ENCOURAGE and SUPPORT Senator Mar Roxas as the next President of the Philippines.”

    There’s even a Team Gordon 2010 blog site up already.

    BTW, the article is worth reading!

  2. BrianB says:

    Mar seems like a guy the people can bully, unlike Gloria. Yes, indeed, a good option.

  3. rom says:

    kevin:ok, it’s a recruitment site. 🙂

    brianb:that’s an interesting thing to talk about – do we want a populist president? Or do we want a president who can make the unpopular yet correct choices?

  4. says:

    Mar cannot be compared with Bayani Fernando !!! Bayani Fernando has significant acomplishment to his name. Mar roxas cannot do a BF. I will support BF all the way !!! The only option with the will to make good things happen. Other wannabees are only mouthing lip service.

  5. rom says:

    andrew:andy, dear … would you mind terribly if you just use ‘andrew’ for your name, instead of the whole e-mail address? call me picky, but having the email address show up as your name really throws off the whole look. 😀 thanks, sweetie.

    ps: i think bayani is worth considering too! 🙂

  6. shiro says:


    if bayani can curb his fits of megalomania, sure, why not?

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