I write better when I smoke. Don’t ask me to reduce it to a science.

Where the smoke don’t blow


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  1. BrianB says:

    Sometimes I feel guilty smoking while walking whenever i see people, especially Koreans, cover their noses or avoid me. I wonder why the Philippines doesn’t ban smoking on sidewalks?

  2. rom says:

    brianb:strangely, i don’t feel guilty when that happens to me. i mean, people see other people smoking from quite a distance, right? so, if the smoke bothers them so much, why not steer clear? The way I see it, people don’t give up driving their cars just because i don’t want to breath in their tailpipe farts.

    And I hope the Philippines doesn’t hop this quit-smoking bandwagon. In hotels, they call it the courtesy of choice.

  3. tonyFL says:

    Is there a lesson from the Great One Upstairs as to why marijuana-smoke smell so much sweeter than cigarette smoke?

    [PS: If God is everywhere… where is “Upstairs”?]

  4. rom says:

    tonyFL:i don’t know that there’s a lesson there, buddy, but it sure is proof that someone really smart is running things.

    PS: It’s down the corridor, turn left, take the elevator and straight on til morning. :p

  5. BrianB says:

    ROM, that’s why I feel guilty that it’s these people who avoid me, and I hate cars. Manila has too many of them. One of the reasons why public transport is in such a pathetic state here, every Filipino wants a car the moment he can afford the down payment.

  6. rom says:

    brianb:OMG, bri! That is sooooo fucking true. But then again, the government sucks too, because public transportation is such a joke! If public transpo were better, it would be easier to see why having a road as wide as EDSA congested with cars that carry only one passenger each is so wrong, but so freaking correctable! So it’s like a vicious cycle – public transpo sucks … people buy cars so they don’t have to take it … but more cars means more congestion … which makes public transpo suck even more, so people buy cars …

  7. tonio says:

    alors cherie, c’est vrai? en la republique aussi?! mais… mais… La France est la capitale du fumage en Europe! pour quois? pour quois?

    c’est la folie!!!

  8. rom says:

    tonio: oui, cheri. [shakes head sadly]

  9. tonio says:

    ce n’est rien, ma cherie. il est autres pays en Europe. les Pays-Bas par exemple… en Amsterdam… ou est d’accord pour fumer les choses autrement que tabac…


  10. rom says:

    tonio: you evil man! tempting me with weed …. tsk tsk. here, have a hash brownie … 😉

  11. tonio says:

    aha… you obviously had not had a Leary biscuit. 🙂

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