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As the year turns

As the year turns, some interesting tidbits:

The LP stands by Mar Roxas; the Nacionalista’s confirm Villar’s run for Prez. Both guys are in my top 10 potential candidates, and they will stay there until they both file their certificates of candidacy. Until then, who knows what winds will blow.

A Supreme Court decision that doesn’t pander to the holier than thou amongst us: getting preggers out of wedlock isn’t necessarily immoral. According to the Court, if either or both parent’s aren’t married to other people, getting knocked up without the benefit of a prior marriage can’t be considered an offense to public or secular morality. Bravissimo, Justice Corona! In a country where religious morality seems to have a death grip on governance, this is a distinction that has been too long in coming. On the other hand, BOO! to the Inquirer whose version of the story emphasized only that the pregnancy didn’t affect the character or nature of the pregnant woman’s job with the judiciary. While that may be a valid aspect of this story, the more weighty pronouncement was the one on morality, especially since the charge was more about the woman’s morality – hence her perceived fitness to perform her work – than about the relation of her condition to her employment. More than likely, this anonymous complaint was filed by some uptight, sanctimonious bitch who never misses a novena.

Jarius Bondoc refuses to do what others (like the Gentleman from Quezon) do: tiptoe around the stupidity of Rufus Rodriguez. Just like me … ehem. I hope others follow Bondoc’s lead.


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  1. cvj says:

    I guess we can consider it progress when the SC rules that “It is not immoral under the law for a government employee to give birth out of wedlock if she and the father are not married to other people“. Now if we eventually get rid of the “if she and the father are not married to other people” clause, that would be even better. This is beyond the scope of ‘public’ or ‘secular’ morality.

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  3. Kevin Ray says:

    Hi there! I am Kevin Ray N. Chua, 17 years old from Cebu City, Philippines. I would like you to check out my blog, the MAR ROXAS FOR PRESIDENT in 2010 BLOG at

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  4. niki says:

    happy new year rom!!!

  5. rom says:

    Hey hey kevin ray. I checked out your blog and i have to admit, it’s impressive. Thank you for pointing it out to me, and i guess you won’t mind my pointing it out to others. While I don’t particularly support Mar Roxas – I have on occasion dissed him bad – I am an avid fan of intelligent decision making. A site such as yours is an invaluable aid to voters out looking for a candidate to support.

  6. rom says:

    niki: happy new year, sistah!!!! u in manila yet?

  7. rom says:

    cvj:i think this may be one of those rare times when i actually agree with you – and agree you one hundred percent i do. unless of course you’re just pulling my leg (made of alabaster, by the way :D). LOL

  8. cvj says:

    I’m serious about what i said. I think our society is being weighed down by the wrong kind of morality, particularly a sense of righteousness that focuses on the wrong areas i.e. [inter-]personal rather than social values. That’s largely because of our religious baggage i suppose.

  9. rom says:

    cvj:i don’t know about interpersonal values being inferior to social values – i mean, on the whole, i’d rather be nice than bitchy – but it’s the selfrighteousness that just makes me want to vomit whenever i see it. and yeah, i think self-righteousness is connected to religions that program people to think that if you don’t share the same beliefs you’re a bad person and you’re going to burn in hell. That sort of mentality leads people to really look down on people who don’t believe as i do.

  10. rom says:

    OMG! I just read what I posted and … Am I being self-righteous???

    [runs off and stands in the corner for five whole FUUCKING minutes]

  11. cvj says:

    I’ve been called self-righteous both in the blogging world and in real life so i guess there is some truth to it. I suppose that monicker goes with being up-front with your convictions. I just take care not to be self-righteous on the wrong areas.

  12. Anonymous says:

    You suck.

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