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Big Brother, Big Bullshit

We’re such a lame bunch. None of the four remaining contestants on PBB chose himself as the most qualified to be winner. What is that? So I guess everyone else thought he or she was a loser? Sheesh. I suppose the game design pretty much deprived those little shits of any choice – who would vote for himself when he knows that he has to explain his vote to everyone watching? I for one, however, would have appreciated a little more honesty.

This whole goody-two-shoes-ism is really starting to grate. It saps people of vitality, it discourages the kind of outrageousness and audacity that could really set someone apart from the pack. I mean, consider Baron. When he called Mariel a slut, who the fuck in his right mind disagreed? And yet, he gets booted. Oh, and yeah, he smoked in the confessional without asking for that disembodied voice’s permission. Ooooh. What a felony.

Instead, colorless people like Ruben get rewarded. Is that how real life should be? Be anonymous, keep your head down, toe the official line, and jump when the Man says so – is that the recipe for success? You ask me, that’s the recipe for mediocrity. And while mediocrity is important in it’s own way – mediocre people living mediocre lives make continuity possible; if everyone were a trailblazer, who would do the paperwork? – it’s not something you want to glorify.

As it turns out, PBB was more aptly named than I first realized.


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3 Responses

  1. tonio says:

    i can almost hear benign0 over at manolo’s blog happily doing cartwheels. Filipinos always think of themselves as losers indeed.

  2. tonyFL says:

    This humility-to-ridiculous-extreme, in my opinion, is straight out of Roman Catholicism’s exultation of the losers. The message of “the poor shall always be with you” is coupled with “the meek shall inherit the earth”. What Filipinos hear from the priests is that the poor will rule/should rule/the poor are closer to heaven.

    Never heard during Sunday sermons (hence missing from the Philippine mindset) is that it is okay, actually it is obligatory, to “go forth (take personal time for yourself and loved ones) and multiply (the pieces of silver that you own)”.

  3. tonio says:

    Which is why i think the biggest obstacle to Philippine progress is Roman Catholicism. Especially of the Philippine kind, which is nothing more than wholesale manipulation… with a spiritual flavour.

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