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Bhutto is dead

A little over an hour ago, as she was leaving a political rally in Rawalpindi (in Pakistan), Benazir Bhutto rose up through the sunroof of her bullet proof car to wave at her supporters. Three shots were heard, followed by a suicide bomber blowing himself up very near the car. 20 dead, and Bhutto – Pakistan’s prime opposition figure – dead on the way to the hospital.

That’s the latest I got from CNN, piecing together reports from various sources.

Man, what is the world coming to, eh?

Government spokesmen are quick to point to al Quaeda and the Taliban as the most likely suspects, citing these extremists’ belief that a female national leader is anathema to their beliefs. Other oppositionists of course seem to be itching to point the finger at Musharaff, but so far, all I’ve heard are accusations of negligence – Musharaff’s government didn’t provide enough security for Bhutto. If this had happened in the Philippines, I doubt we’ll see the same kind of restraint from the finger-pointers.

UPDATE (That was quick!): Three shots. One tap to the forehead, and two to the throat. Considering that someone about to die is not likely to have the icy calm necessary for such precision, it seems clear that the suicide bomber provided cover for the assassin’s getaway. Either that or the suicide bomber truly had nerves of steel.

Still with the Islamic extremist angle … do people really buy this?

UPDATE (2:42): Word from Pakistan is that alot of people really aren’t surprised that Muslim extremists are being dragged into this. Bhutto has been making much of allowing Americans into Pakistan to pursue Qaeda targets if she wins. Apparently, that’s riled alot of people quite apart from posing a threat to extremists. Still, the fact is that Musharaff is against letting Yanks into Pakistan too. So I still don’t see why Musharaff should be off the hook.

+ As an aside, someone asked me why I’m blogging about this at all. I don’t know. It’s an interesting story and I want to be able to see how my thinking on it develops as the story progresses. Soooo self-indulgent of me. +

UPDATE (The last, I think; 6:05): Bhutto’s funeral is underway in the Sind. It seems like a kind of consensus has been reached that Muslim extremists are to blame.


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7 Responses

  1. cvj says:

    Pakistan is a nuclear capable State so any disturbance over there is definitely worth at least a blog entry.

  2. tonio says:

    agreed. and that nuclear power is pretty close by.

  3. tonyFL says:

    Pakistan is a reminder as to why Law-and-Order must be maintained in Mindanao. Actually, what has to be maintained is even-handed lieve-and-let-live Secularism (rule of law, respect for people of different faiths (and this means Muslims respecting Christians and Iglesia-ni-Kristo) or atheists and agnostics and gays.

  4. rom says:

    tonyFL: welcome to the smoking room!

  5. tonyFL says:

    rom : thanks for the words of welcome (for who knows what adventure along with alcohol, tobacco smoke and carcinogens lurk in a smoking room????)

  6. rom says:

    tonFL: absolutely. and this isn’t a GP rated smoking room either. LOL

  7. tonio says:


    we can throw on a whole lot more things than just tobacco and alcohol. ROFLs

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